I Don't Know What's Going On In The Trailer For 'Buddy' But It Looks Wonderful

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Bleeding Cool Tweeted out this new trailer for the German comedy Buddy this morning, and I thought, “Okay, let’s see what this scheiße is all about,” even though I don’t speak German and their humor is sometimes a little strange to me.

pacific rim

Pacific Rim is the Number One Movie in International Markets

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I write a box office round-up post every week, and hardly a week goes by that someone doesn't pipe up and say we should focus more on worldwide box office.

the french

Razor-blade nipple tassel lady: The best Bond villain that never was?

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I wish I had a nickel for every time I had to type this, but here's a video of a lady who shreds a guy's chair to splinters with spinning razor blades attached to her nipples.


Pedro Almodóvar's new movie looks really… fun?

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Spain's Pedro Almodóvar is basically the epitome of "acclaimed foreign auteur," and when you think acclaimed foreign auteur, you think of movies like Amour, Michael Haneke's heartbreakingly beautiful ode to old people having strokes.


Review: Bullhead, a delightfully eccentric tale of European beef crimes

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When you sin against beef, you sin against yourself This could be the most convoluted, least-illuminating movie description I've ever written, but the best way I can describe Bullhead is that it's a movie that a more understated, less style-preoccupied Guy Ritchie would've made, if he was trying to rip off Scorsese instead of Tarantino.

unnecessary remakes

Spike Lee in talks to direct Oldboy remake. Wait, what?

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Chan-Wook Park's Oldboy (2003) is one of those foreign films that so many people have already seen that a remake would almost be sacrilege, but in the eyes of studio execs, people who watch foreign films aren't an audience worth considering anyway so shut up while Kevin James takes a gorilla ice skating.


New Van Damme movie has boobs, the French, & TONS OF RECORD SCRATCH!

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If you were around here three years ago, you might remember a Russian, Zucker-Brothers-style historical spoof called Hitler Kaput, which, involved, among other things, a busty Eva Braun singing a Britney Spears song.


In Germany’s version of The Town, Ben Affleck is a Marathon runner

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This is the trailer for The Robber (Der Rauber), a film from German director Benjamin Heisenberg that tells the true story of Austrian bank robber and runner Johann Kastenberger, a marathon runner who used his distance-running skillz to rob banks and then flee on foot.


A very subtle ad for bikini shavers & morning links

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Here's an Italian commercial for the Schick Quattro for women.


Mega Gallery: Crazy movie posters from Africa

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After my award-winning post about Polish movie posters -- okay, so I didn't actually win any "awards," but I did get lots of pageviews (*pulls out stack of singles*) Here's my best blogger ever award number one (*stuffs down own G-string*), here's my best blogger ever award number two.


Brazilian Cop Movie Looks Badass

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After the jump, you can watch the trailer for Brazilian action movie Elite Squad 2, the highest-grossing Brazilian movie of all time (which plays Sundance next month).

penelope cruz

Jamón, Jamón: A Film Where Women Eat Men & Men Eat Ham

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Quick, wake up your little brother, because I've got the most awkward DVD cover to show him.


‘Sexy Dance 3, the Battle’

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Yo yo yo, word up, ya dumb beeeyotch, it's ya boy C-Tates, all up in ya biz like Cheez Whiz, ya heard.


Greece produces slick, wannabe Hollywood blockbuster

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This is the trailer for Dogtooth, a film from Greece opening June 25th in New York City.



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After the jump I’ve got four teasers for Fatso, a Norwegian film about a fat guy obsessed with porno.



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Today USA Today has an article about a subject I've always been interested in: the re-titling of films for the foreign market.



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Bestweekever today has a sneak peak at the five rejected screenplays for Indiana Jones 4.



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The Golden Globe Awards Celebration 30-minute press conference announced its winners yesterday, and besides Juno not winning anything, Atonement took home best drama.

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