The Saddest Dude Ever Made His Shower Head Look Like A Beautiful Girl

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Please do not turn your shower heads into people. Thank you.


Fry Reunites With His Dog! ‘Futurama’ Seventh Season Preview

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The highlight reel for 'Futurama' season 7 is filled with awesome, but let's get to the most important part: Fry's dog!

#video games

Michelle Jenneke Meets Forever Alone. Pretty Sure I’m The One Forever Alone

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Back in July, With Leather created an Internet maelstrom (or "malestrom") of guys furiously GIFfing and watermarking pictures of Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke.


Get An Internet Primer With The Watercolors Of Wednesday Wolf


Do you love the Internet but have no idea what people are talking about when you go online.


Trailer For My Other Me: A Film About Cosplayers (Video)

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Sometimes, less is more at these kinds of conventions.


Challenges Accepted, Klepto Cats, and Links


Love Isn’t In The Air: 10 Valentine’s Day Cards For Lonely People [Uproxx] Reinstalling Ubuntu, Repeatedly: A Field Guide [Uproxx] Why Is Sony Making a New N-Gage.


2010: The Year of the Meme

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Let's be honest, 2010 was one hell of a year for everybody.


Links and Danzig Buying Kitty Litter

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PICTURES: Danzig was photographed buying kitty litter.


Meme Watch: Forever Alone

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The picture above was first posted (most likely) on 4Chan Ebaum's World and quickly spread to Tumblr and FunnyJunk, spawning enough photoshops to become its own meme.

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