This ‘Project Almanac’ Trailer Combines Time Travel And Found Footage

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'Project Almanac' speculates what would happen if you gave a bunch of horny dumb teens a time machine. Nothing good, it turns out!


New NSFW Trailer For ‘As Above So Below’ Really Sells The Claustrophobia (NOPE)

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'As Above, So Below' is a great date movie for the claustrophobics out there.


This ‘Chappelle’s Show’ Documentary Attempts To Decode Exactly Why The Show Fell Apart

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'The 50 Million Dollar Question' is an interesting look at the end of 'Chappelle's Show' and the reasons behind its end.


Church Teens Battle A Demon From A Porno Mag In Christian Found Footage Movie


Church teens do battle with a demon released from a porno mag in a Christian found-footage movie from Holy Moly pictures.


Church Teens Battle a Demon from a Porno Mag in Christian Found Footage Movie

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Church teens do battle with a demon released from a porno mag in The Lock In, a Christian found-footage movie from Holy Moly pictures.

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‘Friday The 13th’ May Go All ‘Blair Witch’ On Us

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Well, it beats 'Rebecca Black In The Final Friday The 13th.' OK, we made that one up.


Video: Someone Found Footage Of Jerry Lewis’ ‘Embarrassing’ 1972 Holocaust Movie

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At 87 years of age, Jerry Lewis is expected to be a cranky old man with crazy opinions about random things, and he didn’t disappoint at Cannes back in May, when he premiered his first film in almost two decades.


Michael Bay’s ‘Almanac’ Sounds Like An Unauthorized ‘Back To The Future 2′ Spin-Off


Now we know what Michael Bay's found footage secret project 'Almanac' is about, and it seems just a wee bit familiar...


Drunk Bohemian Rhapsody singer guy wore a Viking Helmet to court

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Alberta's Robert Wilkinson entered the FilmDrunk Drunk Hall of Fame earlier this year when, perhaps as an homage to Wayne's World, he sang Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" in its entirety (including guitar and drum fills) from his seat in the back of a cop car after a DUI.


If You Liked ‘Chronicle’, You May Tolerate Michael Bay’s ‘Almanac’

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Micheal Bay is producing a found footage, time travel movie called 'Almanac' that is trying to follow the success of 'Chronicle'. Um, yay?


This man wants to massage your bum-bum

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"Little babies enjoy their assh*les.


VIDEO: Trolling in the analog age

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With trolling the hot topic on everyone's pussy lips after Rottentomatoes took the unprecedented step of suspending commenting on ALL Dark Knight Rises reviews this week, I thought it'd be fun to take a look back at the days when trolling took a little more work than simply firing off a misspelled death threat to some pinko who panned that batman movie you're pretty sure is going to be awesome.


Jake Gyllenhaal made a found-footage, interracial buddy cop movie

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After the jump, it's the trailer for End of Watch, starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Peña, from Street Kings director David Ayer - whose name is of course Spanish for "David Yesterday.


Five Reasons Why Found Footage Movies Mostly Don’t Work

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"The Blair Witch Project" may have made the concept mainstream, and "Cloverfield" cemented it, but it's pretty much official: found footage movies are going to keep on coming, with the latest being "The Chernobyl Diaries".


Max Landis’s found-footage teen superhero movie

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Found-footage and superheroes are as popular in Hollywood as sliced bread and vajazzling, so it was probably inevitable that someone would think to combine them.

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