Four Loko Folds Under FTC Pressure, Updates Alcohol Content Warning

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Four Loko will now be the most colorful can in the malt liquor cooler at the corner store as the Phusion Projects, the drink's maker, decided to change the label to reflect the beverage's true alcohol content.


Strokes Of Genius: 20 Famous Works Of Art Given A Modern Update

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Being America’s most eligible bachelor means that I’ve long been an expert of maintaining a sophisticated and stylish home that is indicative of a classy love stallion.

waka flocka flame

1.26 The Cooler

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Susie Da Silva "The Roommate" Has A Sexy Trailer [Film Drunk] Steve Harvey Addresses Ex-Wife Controversy [BV News] Parents Brawl At Chuck E Cheese's [Vibe] In Black America, The Depression Rolls On [HuffPo] Maurice Jones-Drew Received Death Threats [With Leather] 10 Common Sex Etiquette Mistakes [Ask [...].


Can Your Car Run On Four Loko?

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Here we were, acting all high and mighty, thinking that Four Loko and similar caffeinated alcoholic beverages were destroying the lives of young adults across the country, and now a bunch of egghead scientists have shown us the error of our ways.


Has Four Loko Opened Pandora’s Box?

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Last week, I used my Woodstein and Bernward journalistic prowess to gather the latest news on the fascinating Four Loko craze that was gripping the nation.


Can Anyone Stand In Four Loko’s Way?

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It doesn’t take a Nobel-winning chemist to know that the combination of caffeine and alcohol isn’t safe.


Impeach Schumer, Viva the Four Locator (Links)

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If idiots can raise enough fuss that they can successfully get Four Loko banned, can't we raise an equal fuss to get those same idiots fired for wasting their time and our tax money on this.

#Kanye West

11.15 The Cooler

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Joyce & Deborah Glenn Four Loko To Be Abolished In New York [NYDN] How Many Rappers Can Ruin A Good Thing By One [HHDX] Rihanna Snapped Topless For "Loud" Artwork [Singersroom] Paul Pierce Asks The Lord For Two Things [Yardbarker] This is Why I Stopped [...].


Morning Links with the Four Loko Girls

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[DailyCollegian via Buzzfeed] MORNING LINKS Listen to our latest Frotcast where we rip on Unstoppable with Lindy West.


11.12 The Cooler

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Leann Amos The Honest Four Loko Commercial [FilmDrunk] Complex Previews YelaWolf’s Trunk Muzik 0-60 [Complex] Sexual Napalm: Freddie Jackson [C&D] Florida Man Files Restraining Orders Against Tebow, Obama, Jesus, Sanity [With Leather] Should Drug Dealers Get A Bailout.


The Honest Four Loko Commercial

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Here's some of College Humor's totally misleading and unfair parody of Four Loko (which we all know was originally popularized by the FilmDrunk Frotcast).

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