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Fox & Friends Wants To Know: ‘What Are You Over?’

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The people who run the Fox & Friends are either dumb or expert trolls.


Fox & Friends Have Ruined The Mystique Of The Smooth Foul Ball Switcheroo Kid

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Remember the cool kid who caught a foul ball and switched it secretly to impress a pretty girl? Fox & Friends made it boring and common.

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Trick Shot Titus Gets His Revenge


After getting hit in the face with a basketball thrown by Fox & Friends anchor Brian Kilmeade, Internet sensation Trick Shot Titus gets a chance to return the favor.


Fox News Anchor Injures Trick Shot Titus


Internet sensation Trick Shot Titus made an appearance on Fox & Friends to show off his basketball skills, and everything was going great until Brian Kilmeade threw him an ill-fated pass.


SNL: Fox & Friends Discusses Mitt Romney


The morning crew at Fox & Friends wonders what's so wrong with the gaffes Mitt Romney makes when the cameras shouldn't be rolling.


Guest Pranks 'Fox & Friends'


Fox & Friends has recent college graduate Max Rice on the show to talk about how bad the current economy is for young job-seekers.


Some Bro Named Max Gloriously Punked 'Fox & Friends' This Morning

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This morning America was introduced to its new hero early in the week, a recent college grad named Max Rice who appeared on Fox & Friends. Watch in delight as Max makes a fool of Gretchen Carlson, who is probably eating the heart of the producer who booked Max right this second.


LOL Fox News

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Few things are funnier than when Fox News and its "journalists" do something so revolting, so blatantly not "fair and balanced" that the company desperately tries to walk it back, as they say, usually going to great lengths to scrub evidence of whatever revolting thing they did from the internet in the process.


Kate Upton Does The Fox Flash, Which Is Nowhere Near As Great As It Sounds

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You'd think an organization with a name like Fitness Without Borders would be open to interpretation when sending Sports Illustrated swimsuit covergirl Kate Upton out to do something called a "Fox Flash".


Are You Ready For Some Passive-Aggression?

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Here is a quick recap of Are You Ready For Some-gate: 1.


Hank Williams Jr. Is Not Coming Over Tonight

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He comes from country music royalty and he's been the voice of Monday Night Football for over twenty years, but it's not all about music for this country superstar -- he knows about Godwin's Law, too.

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