Doc From ‘Fraggle Rock’ (Gerard Parkes) Has Passed Away

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A fondly remembered part of our childhood has died, and I'm afraid we can't just dance our cares away for this one.

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Jimmy Fallon Teamed Up With The Gang From ‘Sesame Street’ To Read Some Childhood Hashtags

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Big Bird, Grover, Elmo, and the rest of the 'Sesame Street' gang help Jimmy Fallon read some Twitter hashtags.

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Today In Nostalgia: A 'Fraggle Rock' Spinoff And A 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' Reboot Are On The Way

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[rides up on rollerblades] [is wearing Zubaz and a Charlotte Hornets Starter jacket, and is drinking a Crystal Pepsi] COWABUNGA, DUDES.

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The Muppets Blooper Reel Is Phenomenal

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We've known for a few years that <a href="">a Fraggle Rock movie was in the works</a>, but it was revealed this week that the movie that was supposed to be released in 2009 <a href="">finally has writers</a>.


HBO's 10 Greatest Musical Moments

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It didn’t take long for the season-three premiere of “Eastbound & Down” to remind us we were watching one of the best shows on TV.



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The Weinstein company has announced they will turn Jim Henson series Fraggle Rock into a live-action musical feature.

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