kristen stewart

Kristen Stewart Won France’s Equivalent To An Oscar On Friday

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Yes, Kristen Stewart won an award, and yes, the French have their own Oscars.


To Watch ‘Fifty Shades,’ French Children Must Be At Least… 12 Years Of Age

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Due to its graphic nudity and unusual behavior, French children won't be able to watch 'Fifty Shades' until they are 12.


A French Hospital Is Under Fire For A Mural That Features A Superhero Gang Rape

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Someone altered a superhero gang bang mural in a French hospital to make it look like a gang rape in protest of recent health laws.

Charlie Hebdo

Watch John Kerry Apologize To France With James Taylor And The Song ‘You’ve Got A Friend’

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Secretary of State John Kerry brought James Taylor to france to sing a song about friendship.

Charlie Hebdo

Banksy Is Not The Artist Behind This Poignant Illustrated Response To The Charlie Ebdo Attack

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Artist Lucille Clerc created this image which was posted to a fake Banksy Instagram account. It has been shared by over 100,000 people.

Charlie Hebdo

‘Charlie Hebdo’ Will Print One Million Copies Of Their Next Issue

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Following the attack on their staff, 'Charlie Hebdo' will print one million copies of their next issue, twenty times their usual circulation.


At Least 12 Killed In Terrorist Attack On French Satirical Paper That Mocked Muslim Prophet Muhammad

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The Paris office of a satirical newspaper similar to The Onion was attacked Wednesday, with masked gunmen killing at least 12 people.


‘Bartman’ Is More Popular Than ‘Batman’ In France

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French people are doing the Bartman, and Batman just got even sadder.

Bill Watterson

Would You Like To See This New Comic From ‘Calvin And Hobbes’ Creator Bill Watterson?

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Here's a new comic drawn by 'Calvin And Hobbes' creator Bill Watterson. Why haven't you clicked already?


A Few Stray Thoughts on Team USA’s Rout of Lithuania in FIBA World Cup Semis


After France's upset win over tournament favorite Spain Thursday, Team USA's path to FIBA World Cup gold has never looked brighter.


Serbia Holds Off France In FIBA Semifinal With Help Of Insane Crunch-Time Basket


Nicolas Batum was cooking, France was raining three-pointers, and Serbia was losing their game-long stranglehold on the chance to play Team USA for World Cup gold.


An Englishman Is Creating A Fart Machine To Point And Fire At France

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Inventor Colin Furze has created a valveless pulsejet that he will put inside a giant butt so he can point it at France to make it fart.


It’s Bastille Day, So Let’s Look At France’s Contributions To Pro Wrestling

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In celebration of Bastille Day, we take a look at France's greatest contributions to the world of pro wrestling.


Rob Lowe And His Wife Were Rescued From ‘Horrific’ Flooding In France

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According to some photos on his Instagram, Rob Lowe's morning was a little scarier than most as he and his wife were rescued from a flood.


Sorry, France Didn’t Ban Work Emails After 6PM


The French didn't ban work emails after six. The


Here's How Cap's To Do List In 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' Varies By Country

By | 18 Comments

Skippy the Bush Kangaroo? Here's how much Captain America's list of things he needs to learn about varies depending on which country the movie is playing.


Samuel L. Jackson Meets Captain France, A Slightly Less Super Soldier


Samuel L. Jackson meets "Captain France" on an interview show, teaches us how to say, "We're f*cked" en fran├žais.


Guerlain Chicherit's World Record Jump In A Mini Did Not Go As Planned

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In his attempt to break the world record for the longest car jump, French daredevil Guerlain Chicherit had a little problem sticking the landing yesterday.

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