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jimmy fallon

#GamingWithMyMom Is A Supercut Of Why Old People Should Stay Away From Video Games

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You ever try to play video games with your mother? It's never not hilarious.

Theme Parks

The Unlicensed 'Joyland' World Of Warcraft Theme Park In China Looks Amazing, Joyless

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A Redditor took a trip to the World of Warcraft theme park in China and took pictures of his visit.


Zynga And Bigpoint Try To Use Apple Hype To Hide Huge Layoffs


Zynga is apparently even less ethical than you thought.


Love For World Of Warcraft Is Proof Candidate For Office Is Lazy, Says GOP

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Wait, somebody is playing World of Warcraft as an orc rogue? I only vote for the Alliance! DAMN THE HORDE!


PBS Explores The Evolution Of 8-Bit Art


Well, the good folks at PBS have <a href="">done it again</a> -- they've made another web video exploring the depths of web culture that is both highly informative and entertaining.

video games

This Is What It Would Look Like If The ‘Portal’ Gun Was Real


Portal is one of my favorite video games of all-time (<a href="">it had better place higher than Battletoads on G4’s list</a>), so I’m incredibly jealous/in awe of Jason Craft, who made a video showing what life would be look if the “Portal Gun” was real.


A Brief History Of Video Games Fuels Nostalgia Using Only Sounds, Music, And Video

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Here's a fun and nostalgia-fueled new YouTube compilation <a href="" target="_blank">from Polygon</a> that's currently making the viral rounds.


'You Don't Know Jack' On Facebook, All Workplace Productivity to Cease

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If you're not familiar with "You Don't Know Jack," you're likely a sad, isolated human being who probably lives alone with dozens of cats, fighting the specter of mental illness as it seeks to eat your soul.


You've Probably Preordered 'Diablo III'


Blizzard, better known as the Internet's favorite digital crack dealer, takes a long time to put out games.


'Star Wars: The Old Republic' Has Lost 25% Of Its Subscribers


"The Old Republic" is pretty much what people want out of a Star Wars game.

three point landings

The Three-Point Landing Supercut You've Been Waiting For Is Finally Here

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Ever wondered why hero characters in movies, comic books and video games always seem to land in a three-point stance when dropping from on high somewhere.


Go Right: A Simple And Surprisingly Touching Piece Of Video Game Nostalgia


I've never really thought about whether the hours upon hours of my life I dedicated as a kid to 8-bit and then 16-bit video games could be romanticized in a way that makes them seem admirable, but apparently the answer is "yes.


4Chan Made A Sweet Video Game About Dating The Disabled


To Westerners, Japanese dating games are really weird.


Jay-Z Releases A Video Game About Jay-Z

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Look, I know what you've been thinking -- you wish you knew more about Jay-Z.


Indie Game ‘Fez’ Drives Fans Crazy With Insanely Complicated Puzzle


Puzzles, for a certain kind of person, are a fun but maddening exercise, especially insanely complicated ones.


‘Max Payne Mobile’ Is…Really Good, Actually


If you're a gamer of a certain age, you probably played "Max Payne," the noirish game that was the first to introduce "bullet time" to video games, which essentially meant you spent a lot of time playing the game like it was a John Woo movie and pretending you could totally leap into the air with two automatics and shoot eight guys in the face.

caine's arcade

This 9 Year-Old Boy And His Cardboard Box Arcade Will Astound And Inspire You

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While eating lunch today I watched this video featuring 9-year-old Caine Monroy, who designed and built an elaborate cardboard arcade inside his father's LA auto parts store.


NY Times Magazine Article On Gaming Has A Video Game Embedded In It


Well <a href="">this is new</a>.

fifa 12

FIFA '12 Features Hot On-Field Man-Humping. Again.


We've previously told you about <a href="">the secret gay agenda promoted by FIFA '12</a>, but this is much funnier, partially because even after being relentlessly humped by the goalie, this guy still manages to get the ball into the net.

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