Frances Bean Cobain Isn’t A Big Fan Of That Nirvana Band


Like any good 20-something, Frances Bean Cobain has distanced herself from her parents


Frances Bean Cobain Responded To Lana Del Rey’s Death Wish


Lana Del Rey regrets that she didn't die young. You know who has a problem with that stupid comment? Someone whose father died young.


Kurt Cobain’s Daughter Criticized A Kardashian Sister For Tweeting About How Tough Life Is


Kendall Jenner vs. Frances Bean Cobain is the Twitter fight you didn't know you wanted.

frances bean cobain

Courtney Love: A Mountain Lion Ate My Daughter’s Cat

It's no secret that Courtney Love, who when we last checked in on her was melting down on-stage in an anti-Dave Grohl tirade, and her daughter with Kurt Cobain, the very lovely Frances Bean Cobain, don't get along.


8.17 The Cooler


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Frances Bean Cobain Is Attractive

Seeing that I'm old enough to remember when she was born, suddenly discovering today that I find Frances Bean Cobain quite attractive has me feeling kinda weirded out, but damn LOOK AT HER.

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