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Kurt Cobain’s Daughter Criticized A Kardashian Sister For Tweeting About How Tough Life Is

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Kendall Jenner vs. Frances Bean Cobain is the Twitter fight you didn't know you wanted.


Frances Bean Cobain: ‘Twitter Should Ban My Mother’


In response to Courtney Love -- who seems to be off her medication of late even more than usual -- <a href="">accusing Dave Grohl of trying to seduce</a> her, <a href="">the lovely Frances Bean Cobain</a> has <a href="">issued a terse statement in regards to her mother's batsh*t accusations</a>.

frances bean cobain

Courtney Love: A Mountain Lion Ate My Daughter’s Cat


It's no secret that <a href="">Courtney Love</a>, who when we last checked in on her was<a href=""> melting down on-stage in an anti-Dave Grohl tirade</a>, and her daughter with Kurt Cobain, the <a href="">very lovely Frances Bean Cobain</a>, don't get along.

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Frances Bean Cobain Is Attractive


Seeing that I'm old enough to remember when she was born, suddenly discovering today that I find Frances Bean Cobain quite attractive has me feeling kinda weirded out, but damn LOOK AT HER.

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