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Frank Ocean Looks Back On Aaliyah With This Memorable Cover Of ‘At Your Best’

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Frank Ocean releases the new song "You Are Luhh" on Aaliyah's 36th birthday.

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Will This New Frank Ocean Song Be On His Next Album?


2015 is going to be a big year for Frank Ocean.


Listen To Frank Ocean’s New Song, ‘Memrise’

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Frank Ocean releases a short new song titled "Memrise."

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On D’Angelo, Frank Ocean And The Veil Of Anonymity

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Beauty resides in anonymity. Frustration does, too.


Don Henley Would Still Like ‘Arrogant’ Frank Ocean To Get Off His Lawn

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Don Henley is still holding a serious grudge against Frank Ocean over the sampling of 'Hotel California' for the single 'American Wedding.'

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“Only Bad Religion Could Have Me Feeling The Way I Do…”

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Frank Ocean's 'Fallon' performance still sends chills.

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Listen To Frank Ocean And Diplo's Collaboration With The Only Band That Matters, The Clash


Joe Strummer would be proud of his bandmates work with Frank Ocean and Diplo.


Frank Ocean Ft. Diplo, Mick Jones & Paul Simonon – “Hero”

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It's about damn time we got some new music from Frank.


Frank Ocean Is Being Sued By Chipotle Because That’s A Thing That’s Happening

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Frank Ocean is being sued by Chipotle. Yep, you angered the wrong God, Ocean.


Rappers Won’t Work With Frank Ocean Because He’s Gay, Claims T-Pain

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"Why you think this gay dude is going to like you? Bitches don’t even like you." Preach it, T-Pain.

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Care About Frank Ocean’s “Versace” Remix Because He Disses Chris Brown

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With a million and one “Versace” remixes littering the Internet, Frank Ocean knew his had to stand out.


Magnum Opus: 11 Thoughts On Jay-Z’s ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail’

By | 20 Comments

Let's talk about Jay-Z...did you know he dropped an album? Because he totally did.

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