Virus Shield, One Of Android’s Top Selling Apps, Was A Rip-Off


Virus Shield turns out to be even more of a ripoff than antivirus software generally is.


Here’s Your Chance To Attend Harvard And Be Paid $170,000 For It

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A mysterious Craigslist ad in Pittsburgh is offering one man the chance to earn $170,000 to attend and graduate from Harvard... as someone else.

uh oh

Credit Card Thieves Are Getting Disturbingly Good At Credit Card Thievery

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Credit card thieves have turned the card skimmer into a disturbingly simple and effective tool.

yep ended in fire

The ‘Internet Names Baby’ Contest Is Fake And Our Faith In Humanity Is Restored

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Turns out people really are OK and not dumb after all. Well, not as dumb as we thought, at least.


In-Flight WiFi To Get Even More Expensive, Stay Terrible

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Want to use WiFi in flight? That will be ten bucks an hour. Seriously.


This Week In Shootfighting Insurance Fraud

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For anyone reading who thinks it'd be a good idea to file for worker's compensation so you can keep being paid by your employers but have time off to travel the world and cagefight (in front of thousands of people, sometimes in front of television cameras), here's some helpful advice: Don't do that, idiot.


Brazilian Anti-Piracy Group Alleged To Be Robbing Artists Blind


One of the problems with the RIAA's constant complaints about piracy and how it hurts the artist is that it's an advocacy group for an industry that its own artists aren't necessarily big fans of.


Who Is Going To Save Your Life Now?

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I’m not going to lie to you - it’s a dangerous world.


Tiger Woods’ Porn Mistress Is A Fraud

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Last we heard from adult actress and dipsh*t business entrepreneur Devon James, she had been accused of paying boxer Teneal Goyco to dress up as Tiger Woods as part of her fantasy to sleep with the embattled golfer.


Are You Drunk Because You’re Smart Or Smart Because You’re Drunk?

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As a writer and a drinker, I probably don’t go a week without coming up with a drunken idea that I think is great, sharing it with friends, having them tell me it’s great, and then going to bed with this awesome idea and the monumental challenge of remembering it the next day.



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ATM skimmers attach and blend in to a normal ATM machine to steal credit and debit card information, and are often paired with a hidden camera to record PIN entries.

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