So That Super Rare Beanie Baby Is Actually Worthless After All


Well, it's worth something...just nowhere near $100,000. Or even $100.

wannabe rock stars

Meet The ‘Rock Star’ Who Swindled Banks Out Of $11 Million So His Band Could Suck


Rob Mawhinney wanted his band, Lights Over Paris, to be huge so he scammed four banks out of $11 million so they could live the rock star life.

steve stevens

The Star Of CNBC’s New Sports Betting Reality Show Is Allegedly A Huge Fraud


Steve Stevens, the star of CNBC's new sports betting reality show "Money Talks," is allegedly a complete fraud


Popular Deaf, Paraplegic Blogger David Rose Exposed As An Elaborate Hoax


NEWSFLASH: Some people on the internet are not who and what they claim to be. Sadly, Dave On Wheels is such a person.


Today's New Orleans Groupon Deal: $150 To Be An Extra In A Movie. Wait, WHAT?

There's an article out in Forbes today about how the film industry in New Orleans is not only booming, but presenting a challenge to the LA-area ("As Filmmaking Surges, New Orleans Becoming Serious Challenger To L.A.").


Week In Review: Twitter Lessons, Stripper Poles And More Rebecca Black

One of the things that social media and networking sites teach us regularly is that no matter how secure we think our personal information is, it's not.

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