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‘It’s So Bad': Watch Today’s Teens Wrangle With The NES Power Glove

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We've seen teens react to good classic gaming stuff, now let's see what they think of some garbage.

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Here Are Some Fascinating Facts About ‘The Wizard’ For Its 25th Anniversary

By | 21 Comments

'The Wizard' turns 25 today... so let's celebrate with some fascinating facts!


Kevin Arnold And Winnie Cooper Reunited On ‘Good Morning America’

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Fred Savage, Danica McKellar and Josh Saviano reunited on 'Good Morning America' for the release of 'The Wonder Years' DVD box set.


‘The Wonder Years’ Cast Reunited And Here’s The Wonderful Photographic Evidence

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The entire cast of 'The Wonder Years' reunited to record extra features for the highly anticipated DVD release later this year.


A Complete Ranking Of All Of Kevin Arnold’s Romantic Interests On ‘The Wonder Years’

By | 40 Comments

We put together a definitive ranking of every romantic interest Kevin Arnold has ever had on 'The Wonder Years'.


Dispelling Myths About The Sexual Harassment Suit Brought Against Fred Savage During ‘The Wonder Years’

By | 14 Comments

Putting to bed all the myths that had surrounded Fred Savage for the alleged sexual harassment on the set of 'The Wonder Years.'


Did I Really Like This? ‘The Wizard’

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The NES, memories of your geeky childhood and Fred Savage deserved better than this.


Which Version Of 'Savages' Would You Rather See?

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Savages opens tomorrow and despite looking fantastically violent, trending fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, and featuring the most Blake Lively sideboob of any film in 2012 it feels a little untalked about. Maybe Travolta Handjobgate has something to do with it. I'm not sure.


Zach Morris Was Always Zach Morris

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This, my friends, is why the Internet was invented: it's a clip from "The Wonder Years" in which Kevin (Fred Savage) thinks he's got some adolescent tail lined up, only to suffer the shock and embarrassment of Mark-Paul Gosselaar swooping in and stealing his date (via BuzzFeed).

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