“Policy” – Review Of Joell Ortiz’s Free Agent & DJ Premier Presents Year Round Records: Get Used To Us

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<a href=""> The tug o' war saga in New York's standing in Hip-Hop remains a hot button issue for some, while serving as little consequence to others. When they are planted firmly in their element with their historic roots feeding them the proper inspiration matter, they make classics, straight up. On the opposing spectrum, keeping up the more trendy creative processes of making music has the East Coasters lagging in the back of the race, mainly attributed to their more lyrical upholstered raps having to be subdued to churn out a supposed "hit." Yet, very few acknowledge the gray area in most cases; a nether region of sorts where "above average" reigns supreme and skews the overall concept of any benchmarks put into place over the course of time. The music may do its duty in satisfying the intended audience, but little headway is made in reaching wanderers of the musicology stream. It's not just the newbies that are coming up short, as most would immediately assume. Weathered veterans of rap's fickle waters are still clinging to their rudders without so much as a change in turn style. The legendary <a href="">DJ Premier</a> has been churning out full-blown albums, exclusively featuring his melodic thumbprints---notable ones at that; 1998's Moment Of Truth immediately comes to mind---with plenty of gas left in his artistic jet for many more.

The Lox

Joell Ortiz Feat. The Lox – “Put Some Money On It”

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<a href=""> Most people throw around the term "I bet you..." this or that, when they really don't mean it all. Throughout "Put Some Money On It," the newest reason to <a href="">preorder</a> Free Agent on Amazon, <a href="">Brooklyn Joell</a> links up with <a href="">The Lox</a> to spit reason after ridiculous reason as to why they don't fit in that category.


Joell Ortiz – “I’m A Beast”

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Being label-less sure as hell ain’t impeding Joell.


Joell Ortiz Feat. Novel – “Night Train” Video

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<a href=""> A few months ago, when director <a href="">Derek Pike</a> was brainstorming up ideas for the video to <a href="">Joell Ortiz</a> & <a href="">Novel's</a> everyman anthem, "<a href="">Night Train</a>," the former NYU student didn't have to get too elaborate on his storyboard.


Joell Ortiz – “Ooh” (Prod. By Large Professor)

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<a href=""> Joell's literally a Free Agent, <a href="">Tweeting yesterday</a> that he's now off of E1.


Joell Ortiz – “Project Boy” Video

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"What y'all spit sugar coated/I be spittin' that phleghm/'cuz where I come from, little dudes got guns bigger than him.


“I’m Like The Second Coming…” – Culture VI Interviews Joell Ortiz

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<a href="">Culture VI</a> just delivered a dope interview with The Free Agent himself, Joell Ortiz.


Joell Ortiz – “Memories/Letter To Obama” Video

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"I get mad when I see what other artists do with a mil/Wit a couple of G's I gave my P's a couple of computers for real.



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Maybe it's the Salaam Remi beat.

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