On LeBron James, The NBA’s Free Agency Armageddon, And The Hearts Of Cavs Fans

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LeBron James has yet to make a decision but people are already making decisions for him, and it's driving the rest of us crazy.


The Latest Sign That LeBron James Is Going To Cleveland? Website Font Colors.

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A web designer supposedly claims that font colors on unpublished pages on LeBron James's website prove he's going back to Cleveland.


Ben Askren Is An ‘Unrestricted Free Agent’ And Feels Pretty Confident About His Chances

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Bellator's Welterweight Champion Ben Askren was officially released and has his eyes set on beating whoever he wants in the UFC.


Nate Robinson Signed Someone’s Baby At Summer League Because Someone Had To

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Nate Robinson has been sort of an odd man out in this NBA free agency period, as the 29-year old point guard doesn’t exactly have teams tripping over each other to sign his 13.


Two Bros Jokingly Declared For The NBA Draft And Are Now Internet Famous

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Back in April, two buddies decided over a few adult beverages that they wanted to have a little fun with the National Basketball Association and declare themselves eligible for the upcoming draft.


Nyjer Morgan Needs To Think Of A Better Password For His Twitter Account

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If you head on over to free agent <a href="">Nyjer Morgan’s Twitter account</a>, you’ll notice that he’s currently <a href="">taking suggestions for a new Twitter handle</a> and <a href="">asking his 85,000+ followers to come join him on his new Twitter account</a> that doesn’t even exist yet.


Carmelo Anthony Suddenly Loves Jeremy Lin

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While ESPN’s <a href="">NBA experts and their “SOURCES! WE HAVE SOURCES!”</a> are suggesting that the New York Knicks will simply let Jeremy Lin walk to the Houston Rockets, there is still chatter that their decision has not been made.


Kris Humphries Actually Got Paid


First the good news for Kris Humphries – he got paid.


Great Moments In Athletes Procreating: Kris Humphries Knocked Up His Ex-Girlfriend

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It’s been a month <a href="">since we last checked in on Kris Humphries</a>, but everything we usually talk about with him involves his ridiculously inept love life.


Kris Humphries Apparently Has A Type

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I expect that we’ve come to the end of the road in Kris Humphries’ sad love life if we’re paying attention to the Kim Kardashian “lookalikes” that he may or may not be dating.


In Case You Were Wondering, Peyton Manning's Neck Is Fine

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Since officially becoming a free agent on Wednesday, Peyton Manning is the most popular dude at the desperation party, as basically any team in need of a quarterback is banging down his door.


Peyton Manning Is A Free Agent

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The Indianapolis Colts are holding a press conference at noon today, at which Colts owner Jim Irsay and franchise face Peyton Manning are expected to tell everyone: “Sometimes an owner and quarterback are in love, but they’re not in love.


Terrell Owens’ Career Is Coming Full Circle

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Last we heard from free agent wide receiver Terrell Owens, he was hosting open workouts in front of zero NFL GMs and he most recently signed with and purchased part of an Indoor Football League team.


Aw, NBC Canceled ‘Free Agents’ :(

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The fall's first two cancellations belong to NBC: today the network canceled "Free Agents," <a href="">which I enjoyed</a> but never found an audience.


Pilot Review: ‘Free Agents’

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I got my hands on some of the pilots for fall's new shows.


Fun With Tag Lines: NBC Released The Posters For Its New Fall Shows

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NBC is rolling out the artwork for the new additions to the network’s fall lineup, and one thing is perfectly clear – the PR department has pumped out some serious tag lines.


The Eagles Are Just Screwing With Us Now

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In a move that can only be described as “F*ck you, that’s how we roll,” the Philadelphia Eagles signed former New York Giants receiver Steve Smith to a one-year deal yesterday, just one day after Giants coach Tom Coughlin implied that it was going to take some more time for Smith to play again after his microfracture surgery and that the team would be waiting on him.


It’s Almost Like The Lockout Never Happened

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You may not be able to tell, but that image above is Photoshopped.

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