The Sims 4

The Sims Play To The Back Row In The Latest ‘The Sims 4′ Trailer


'The Sims 4' is all about emotions, and those emotions aren't subtle.

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Here’s How To Snag A Free Copy Of The Original ‘Dungeon Keeper’ Today


Here's how to get the original 'Dungeon Keeper' game and its expansion pack for free till tomorrow night as part of a Valentine's Day promotion.


Comedy Central Has Made Every Episode Of ‘Nathan For You’ Available For Free On Its Website

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Comedy Central is very smart. You should watch all these episodes before they get taken away from you.


UFC 169 Live Discussion: Barao Vs. Faber II

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Will Urijah Faber finally ditch the reputation of being the UFC's Buffalo Bills? Who knows, but we do have some free stuff to give away for UFC 169.



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By now you should have received your shirt, so how about letting us know by hitting up @UPROXX on Twitter and Facebook?


Kansas State Is Giving People Free Bacon To Attend Women’s Basketball Games


Kansas State's athletic department is offering students free bacon to attend Friday's women's basketball game against Tennessee State.


‘Grand Theft Auto Online’ Players To Receive $500,000 In-Game Cash To Make It Right

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After Grand Theft Auto Online's rocky start, Rockstar is making good by throwing $500K free money at players. Here's how it'll go down.


Federal Employees Can Now Get Free Vibrators During This Government Shutdown

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The folks at are offering federal employees free vibrators during the government shutdown.


Washington DC Businesses Are Offering Federal Employees Free Stuff During The Shutdown

By | 6 Comments

Federal employees out of work during this government shutdown are being treated to a variety of free things from grateful Washington DC businesses.


IMPORTANT FREE STUFF ALERT: Share Our ‘Breaking Bad’ Finale GIFs, Get A Shirt

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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT. Free UPROXX-themed Breaking Bad shirts for anyone who shares our finale GIFs.

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Here’s The Free ‘Game Of Thrones’ 8-bit Video Game We Didn’t Know We Needed

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'Game of Thrones' is now available as a fan-made, downloadable freeware game with four levels and four characters.


With Leather Live Discussion: UFC 164 – Henderson Vs. Pettis II

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Boy, do we have a treat for you fight fans and scoundrels for <a href="" target="_blank">the UFC 164 Pay-Per-View</a>, live from Milwaukee tomorrow night at 10 PM ET, with the preliminary fights beginning at 6:30 PM ET.

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Free ‘Sorry Mario Bros’ Game: The Princess Is In Another Castle (Because She’s Saving Herself)

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'Sorry Mario Bros' is a free game that lets Princess Peach make her own escape through three 'Super Mario Bros' levels scrolling from left to right.

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Free Online ‘Super Mario Bros. Crossover’ Game Now Brings Japan-Only Mario Game To America

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'Super Mario Bros. Crossover' added every level from Japan-only Mario game 'SMB Special'. There goes our weekend.


The Tampa Bay Rays Are The Best At Giving Stuff Away

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With Spring Training here, it’s time for the most important part of any Major League Baseball preseason – checking out what kind of free stuff teams will be giving away this season.

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Email for free tickets to advance Seven Psychopaths screenings!

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I haven't seen Seven Psychopaths yet, but <a href="" target="_blank">Laremy loved it</a>, and betting against a movie from the guy who did In Bruges, starring Christopher Walken and Sam Rockwell (and this adorable shih tzu), would be a fool's errand.


With Leather T-Shirt Giveaway Time: What The Heck Is Mitt Romney Looking At?

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Here’s the deal, folks – before you get all riled up and excuse me of being a liberal blogger just looking to jump on the “Everybody make fun of Mitt Romney.


And The Winner Of The Danny Trejo Photoshop Challenge Is…

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The hardest part of challenging you incredible Drunkards to a photoshop contest is choosing a winner, but it’s been a week since <a href="">I asked you to submit your best Danny Trejo campaign images</a>, and it’s time to make one two people very happy and break some other hearts.

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