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Apple Is So Sick Of ‘Free’-To-Play Games They’re Openly Mocking Them

By | 6 Comments

How sick is Apple of free-to-play games? They're mocking them in the app store.

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‘South Park’ Brilliantly Deconstructed Free-To-Play Mobile Games Last Night

By | 14 Comments

This video from last night's episode of South Park ('Freemium Isn't Free') perfectly skewers free-to-play mobile games.


Free-To-Play Pokemon Is A Nightmare

By | 5 Comments

A Redditor has imagined Pokemon as a free-to-play game. It's... bleak.

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Cliffy B’s Cool New Game ‘Blue Streak’ Is Yet Another Free-To-Play FPS

By | 8 Comments

Cliffy B is back and he's... remaking 'Unreal Tournament' and trying to sell you guns in it!

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EA Finally Admits Their Micro-Transaction Tactics In ‘Dungeon Keeper’ Were Bullsh*t

By | 2 Comments

If you thought the micro-transactions in 'Dungeon Keeper' were a killjoy experiment in behavioral economics, EA's CEO may agree with you.

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Here’s How Micro-Transactions Are Destroying The Gaming Industry

By | 17 Comments

If you think the micro-transactions in so-called free-to-play games are often ridiculous killjoy experiments in behavioral economics, you're not alone.

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‘Killer Instinct’ Will Require You To Buy Each Character

By | 39 Comments

Excited for the new 'Killer Instinct'? Microsoft would like to dump some cold water on you.


Blizzard's "Defense of the Ancients" Will Be Free To Play? Really?

By | 3 Comments

"Defense of the Ancients" is one of those mods genuinely worth playing to the point it becomes an actual, separate game.

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