Friday Wrestling Conversation: What’s The Worst Match You’ve Ever Seen?

By | 128 Comments

This week's question: what's the worst professional wrestling match you've ever seen? Mine might have your choice beat.


Friday Wrestling Conversation: Share Your Best ‘I Met A Wrestler’ Stories

By | 116 Comments

In this week's Friday Wrestling Conversation, we share stories of the times we've met wrestlers, and how that went. Share yours here:


Friday TV Conversation: What’s The Angriest You’ve Ever Been Because Of Television?

By | 197 Comments

Have you ever been so angry at something that happened on television that you wanted to scream? TELL US.

The Sopranos

Friday TV Conversation: So What Do You Want Out of A Series Finale?

By | 76 Comments

Everyone always says what the don't like about series finales, but what kind of stuff do you actually enjoy.


Friday TV Conversation: What Is Your Favorite TV Guilty Pleasure?

By | 117 Comments

This week we're sharing all of our guilty pleasures. SPILL IT. This is a safe place.


Friday Wrestling Conversation: What’s The Saddest (Or Maddest) You’ve Ever Been About Pro Wrestling?

By | 180 Comments

What's the maddest you've been at a wrestling show? The saddest? This week's Friday Conversation column wants to know.


Friday Conversation: What Is Your Favorite Commercial Ever?

By | 101 Comments

This week's conversation topic: What is your favorite commercial ever?


Friday Conversation: What’s Your Favorite WWE SummerSlam Memory?

By | 81 Comments

WWE SummerSlam 2014 goes down this weekend, so we want to hear about your favorite SummerSlam memories of all time.


Friday Conversation: What Popular And/Or Beloved Pro Wrestler Do You Just Not Get?

By | 277 Comments

Is there a wrestler out there everybody loves and praises, past or present, that you just don't get the love for? Tell us about it.


Friday Conversation: What Popular And/Or Beloved TV Show Do You Just Not Get?

By | 321 Comments

You know that show that all of your friends and family love, but you just don't get? TELL US ABOUT IT.


Friday Conversation: Who Is The Greatest Pro Wrestler Of All Time, And Why?

By | 280 Comments

In the first-ever wrestling-themed Friday Conversation at With Spandex, we ask "who's the greatest pro wrestler of all time, and why?"


Friday Conversation: What Is Your All-Time Favorite ‘Simpsons’ Moment?

By | 235 Comments

"The Simpsons" has been on forever so picking a single favorite moment is basically impossible. Let's try to do it anyway.

Law & Order

Friday Conversation: Stuck On A Deserted Island. One TV Drama And One TV Comedy. Go.

By | 230 Comments

This week's discussion: What TV drama and comedy would you bring with you to a deserted island?

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