Friday Conversation: What Song Would You Use As Your Entrance Music?

By | 97 Comments

We're letting you choose your own entrance music today. WHATCHA GOT?


Friday Wrestling Conversation: WWE Is Bringing Back The Brand Split. Who Do You Put Where, And Why?

By | 107 Comments

WWE has trademarked 'Bragging Rights,' the name of their old brand-split PPV. If the brand split returns, who do you put where, and why?


Friday Conversation: Give Us Your Netflix Binge-Watch Recommendations

By | 123 Comments

Hey, you! Give us some recommendations for TV shows to binge-watch on Netflix!


Friday Conversation: What Is Your 2015 Pop Culture Resolution?

By | 41 Comments

We know you have them. SPILL IT. Tell us your 2015 pop culture resolutions.

#bill murray

Friday Conversation: You Can Only Watch One Actor Or Actress’s Film And TV Catalog. GO.

By | 133 Comments

We want to know: if you can only watch one actor or actress's film and TV catalog, in order, who ya got?

Friday Sports Conversation

Friday Sports Conversation: Tell Us About Your Most Memorable Live Sporting Event

By | 38 Comments

We want to know about your best live sporting event. Share your story with us.


Friday Wrestling Conversation: Who Wins A Royal Rumble Of Just Royal Rumble Winners?

By | 77 Comments

If a Royal Rumble was made up of only past Rumble winners, who wins? That's this week's Friday Wrestling Conversation question.


Friday Wrestling Conversation: How Do You Get The WWE Championship Off Brock Lesnar?

By | 196 Comments

This week's Friday Wrestling Conversation asks you how you'd get the WWE World Heavyweight Championship off Brock Lesnar, and what next?


Friday Conversation: Tell Us About Your Most Memorable Athletic Achievement

By | 75 Comments

Let's jump right into this week's Friday conversation: Tell us about your most memorable personal athletic achievement.


Friday Conversation: Tell Us About Your Most Horrible Boss

By | 14 Comments

In honor of Black Friday and "Horrible Bosses 2." tell us about your worst boss.


Friday Conversation: What Pop Culture Things Are You Thankful For This Year?

By | 58 Comments

Celebrate Thanksgiving by sharing the things in pop culture that you're thankful for this year.


Friday Conversation: What TV Series Do You Wish Was Available On Netflix?

By | 174 Comments

Netflix has a lot of options, but there are a few very notables shows missing. Tell us about it.


Friday Wrestling Conversation: What’s The Best Match You’ve Ever Seen?

By | 119 Comments

This week's Friday conversation asks, what's the best pro wrestling match you've ever seen? Drop in and let us know.


Friday Conversation: What’s The Worst Sports Movie You’ve Ever Seen?

By | 116 Comments

Simple question today: What is the worst sports movie you've ever seen?

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