Midwest Cities Ban Sledding To Avoid Lawsuits And Everything Fun About Winter

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Increasing liability concerns have encouraged many to ban or limit the favorite winter activity. Snow angels are next on the docket.


Maury Povich Is Being Sued By A Distraught Prison Dad Who Saw His Daughter On TV

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Maury is getting sued by a dude in prison who was NOT OK with seeing his daughter on the 'Maury' show.


A Man Is Suing A Surgical Center Because He Woke Up From A Colonoscopy Wearing Pink Panties

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We think we're calling BS on this lawsuit of a man who claims he woke from a colonoscopy wearing pink women's underwear.


The Sleepy Yankees Fan Defended His $10 Million Lawsuit On The ‘Today’ Show

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Andrew Rector described his $10 million lawsuit against MLB and ESPN to Matt Lauer, claiming that his reputation was damaged.


A Prison Inmate Has Sued WWE’s Natalya For Allegedly Making Him Her Sex Slave

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WWE's Natalya is being sued by an inmate who claims she beat him, was his weird traveling dominatrix and aborted his baby. Seems legit.


This Sleepy Baseball Fan Is Suing The MLB And ESPN Over Hurt Feelings

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A fan is suing ESPN and Major League Baseball for $10 million because John Kruk and Dan Shulman made fun of him for sleeping at a game.


A Woman Is Suing Walmart Over A Dandruff Shampoo That Allegedly Ruined Her Butt-Length Hair

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A Portland Oregon woman is suing Walmart for $10,000 after she claims their shampoo ruined her super long hair that went to her butt.


Man sues Apple because his computer showed him porn and gave him unrealistic sexpectations

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A Tennessee man is suing Apple, and the crux of his lawsuit is that they sold him a computer without the porn filter turned on.


This Cannot End Well: Kristin Cavallari Is Filming A Guest Spot On ‘The League’ Today

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In newsy news news, writers Joseph Balsamo and Peter Ciancarelli, who you may remember from… just this blog post, are suing FX because they claim that the network ripped off their idea with The League.


Attention Scantily Clad Women: Do Not Tweet Your Pictures With Tim Tebow

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In a story that I’ve paid little attention to because it makes me dismissively wank with poor mechanics, New York Jets backup QB Tim Tebow and his handlers are suing two Jets fans for making a Jesus-themed Jets t-shirt.


It’s The End Of Organized Youth Sports As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)

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As the war against the “Pussification of America” rages on, it’s comforting to see that other countries are also dealing with their share of coddling parents and frivolous lawsuits.


Lindsay Lohan's Lawyer Plagiarized Her Dumb Lawsuit

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Ever since appeasing California judge Stephanie Sautner by completing the bare minimum community service after repeatedly ignoring her court-ordered sentences for multiple criminal acts, Lindsay Lohan has been a changed woman.


Heroic judge orders Winklevoss Twins to stop whining, being so white

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In late 2003, twin Harvard rowers Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss (played by Armie Hammer in The Social Network) hired Mark Zuckerberg to create HarvardConnection, which was basically envisioned as a dating site for Harvard students.

quentin tarantino

Quentin Tarantino Versus Alan Ball: WHOYAGOT?

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Quentin Tarantino has had enough of his neighbor and fellow Academy Award-winning writer Alan Ball (American Beauty), whose lifestyle, Tarantino claims, is just way too distracting and imposing.


Court Rejects Jets Fan’s Spygate Case

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New Jersey lawyer and New York Jets season ticket holder Carl J.


Sacha Baron Cohen accused of assault at gay rights rally

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A photographer and not-at-all-fame-seeking-bottom-feeder named Mike Skiff has filed a lawsuit against Sacha Baron Cohen and the crew of Bruno over a 2008 incident in which Skiff claims he was assaulted at a Prop 8 rally (the proposition that banned gay marriage in California).

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