Nas, Judas Priest, Deafheaven, And More Photos From Fun Fun Fun Fest

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A three-day musical extravaganza in Austin, Texas, featuring Judas Priest, Deafheaven, Nas, Girl Talk, and many more.

tenacious D

I Fought For A Taco Shot Out Of A Cannon (And Saw M.I.A. And Slayer) At Fun Fun Fun Fest

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Photos and a report from Fun Fun Fun Fest, where we heard Slayer, M.I.A., and Tenacious D and saw tacos being shot out of a cannon.

val kilmer

Val Kilmer chopped his hair off with a knife because he’s sane.

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I've heard enough stories about Val Kilmer being nuts that I believe them, and true to form, Kilmer joined the Black Lips onstage at Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin over the weekend, taking a chainsaw to an amplifier, screaming non-sequitirs, making out with the band, walking in a walker, and eventually chopping off clumps of his own hair with a knife.


A Weekend Of Sports At Austin’s Fun Fun Fun Fest 2012

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Austin, Texas, has 8-10 festivals every weekend, but this weekend was a big one: the 7th annual Fun Fun Fun Fest, featuring a reunited Run DMC, everyone from Public Image Ltd to X to f**king Kreayshawn and a cannon that shoots tacos.

val kilmer

Val Kilmer Destroyed An Amp With A Chainsaw, Shouted 'Rock And Roll Is Dead' During Black Lips Concert

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The seventh best Batman also destroyed an amp with a chainsaw. Classic seventh best Batman.


Behold, The Taco Cannon!

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Attention: taco cannon. That is all.


The Best And Horrifically Worst Of The 2011 Air Sex World Championships

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(note: This image of Air Sex World Championships host and future pro wrestling manager of the decade Chris Trew hyping up the crowd is the most safe-for-life image I could use from this year's event.


Danzig ruins music festival with his radical soup demands

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<a href=""></a>(Photoshop courtesy of <a href="" target="_blank">Ufford</a>) As the internet's number one <a href="" target="_blank">source</a> for <a href="" target="_blank">Danzig stories</a>, it is my sworn duty to bring you news of the latest Glenn Danzig debacle.


The Morning Links Where I Try To Get Tickets


Links Fun Fun Fun Fest In Austin - I'm going to miss out on Public Enemy, Childish Gambino AND Anarchy Championship Wrestling because as a local I didn't spend 200 dollars on tickets 8 months ago.

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