#Joan Rivers

Howard Stern’s Eulogy For Joan Rivers Was ‘So Wrong But So Right’

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Comedienne Margaret Cho described Howard Stern's eulogy for Joan Rivers as something that the late comedy icon would have loved.


Gwar’s Oderus Urungus Was Laid To Rest With A Viking Funeral

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Oderus Urungus had the most metal funeral ever.

jack daniel s

Meet The Belfast Man Who Plans To Be Buried In A Jack Daniels Coffin


An Iraq war veteran commissioned a company to make him a detailed Jack Daniels coffin so his eventual funeral can be a party for all.


No One Knows Where Casey Kasem’s Body Is

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So, the thing about Casey Kasem's body is that no one knows...where it is.

#The Walking Dead

A 3-Year-Old Filipino Girl Woke From The Dead At Her Own Funeral

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Burying a child is a tragic event. When the child wakes up, however, is completely different.

new orleans

Meet The New Orleans Socialite Who Attended Her Own Memorial Service With Champagne And Cigarette In-Hand


Philanthropist and socialite Mickey Easterling attended her own memorial service. Never change, New Orleans.


Fashion Labels Are Promoting Celebrities Wearing Their Clothes… At Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Funeral


Valentino is really happy Amy Adams was seen wearing their brands, while mourning Philip Seymour Hoffman.


CBS Played Toto’s ‘Africa’ Over A Montage Of Footage From Nelson Mandela’s Funeral

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CBS only knows one song about Africa. It's sung by a bunch of white dudes.


Hundreds Of Internet Strangers Attended The Heartwarming Funeral Of A World War II Veteran

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The Internet came out in droves to pay their respects for Harold Jellicoe Percival.

uh ok

Deathbros Are Putting The ‘Fun’ In Funeral Services


Funeral services are about to get a lot more technically advanced, thanks to funeral startups. Seriously.


Lehigh Valley IronPigs To Fan: ‘Congratulations On Your Upcoming Death’

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The Minor League Lehigh Valley IronPigs had a CELEBRATION OF LIFE night, featuring a funeral giveaway to a man with Lou Gehrig's Disease. No, seriously.

The Sopranos

James Gandolfini's Sopranos Co-Stars Among The Many People Who Paid Tribute At His Funeral

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Among the many friends, family members and fans who attended today's funeral service for James Gandolfini were his co-stars and friends from The Sopranos.


There Was A Mosh Pit At The Funeral For Slayer’s Jeff Hanneman

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The funeral for Slayer's Jeff Hanneman had a mosh pit, making it the greatest funeral ever.


Drive-Thru Funeral


Family and friends celebrated the life of David S.


Of Course The Guy Who Gave Us The Chili’s Theme Song Had A BBQ-Themed Funeral

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William McCoy, 59, passed away from congestive heart failure on September 9 of last year at the Harlem Hospital Center in New York, and that might not mean anything to you if you’re not familiar with the man and his work.


2012’s Most Popular Funeral Songs Proves People Associate Adele With Death

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Shockingly, Pearl Jam's "Alive" is nowhere to be seen on the list of 2012's most popular funeral songs.


Steve Jobs’ Funeral Was Small, Secure And Star-Studded


A funeral service was held yesterday in Palo Alto for Steve Jobs, one described as having "ultra-tight security" like that of a UN general assembly meeting or something.

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