You’ll Never Believe Who Instagram’s Fastest Rising Star Is… Spoiler: It’s A Pig

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Started as a fun project between teen siblings, the Instagram account of a pig named Penny is becoming a huge favorite.


Cats On Treadmills? Cats On Treadmills

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Because the Internet is kinda-sorta made for videos of cats on treadmills, here's an ULTIMATE SUPERCUT~ of cats on treadmills.


Friday Face-Off: Dogs On Swings Vs. A Very Hungry Baby Sea Otter

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Welcome back to another installment of With Leather's Friday Face-Off, amigos and comrades.


Israeli Basketball Team Narrowly Escapes Horrifying Encounter With Wild Beast

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Sometimes I think we take guys like New Orleans Hornets center Chris Kaman for granted, as he is often mocked and criticized for being such an avid hunter.


Friday Face-Off: A Narcoleptic Doggy Vs. The Two-Legged Pig

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Welcome to Friday Face-Off, our weekly celebration of the Internet’s greatest random videos, as we pit two of them against each other for our own delicious competitive urges.


And Now, Kittens Who Love Ice Skating


At With Leather we aren't afraid to bypass an actual sports news story in favor of videos of kittens being adorable at sports (usually all from Buzzfeed), and today is no exception -- please ignore those 100 allegations of whatever and enjoy watching these baby cats fawn over a Japanese figure skater.


This Parrot Sure Does Love Soccer


America may have the best all-around animals in the world – Keyboard Cat, Lobster Dog, Birthday Dog, American Squirrel, and my dog Lilah, among others – but today we are featuring a pet from Spain that may give every animal in the world a run for the title of Coolest Pet Ever.


Pita is Unhealthy

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In the most relaxing NBA fan video you'll watch all day, Andres Gabriel Pita of the Miami-based Latin Urban Pop musical trio "Los Primeros" gives the Miami Heat a playoffs pep talk and causes you, the viewer, to die from an epileptic seizure.

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