Introducing ‘Fapworthy,’ PornHub’s Site That Puts Upworthy Titles On Porn Clips

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The clever folks at PornHub finally answered the question of what it might look like if a porn site used Upworthy headlines.


Who's Got NCAA Tournament Headline Jokes? Dayton Flyers Got Headline Jokes

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After the Dayton Flyers pulled off the first upset of the 2014 NCAA Tournament, the Dayton Daily News poked fun at Ohio State with its front page headline.


Best Headline? “Brian Grazer: Fatass Man-Nanny Made My Kids Racist.”

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Pic via PacificCoastNews.com Despite looking like a wiry speed freak who drinks hair gel and snorts embalming fluid, Brian Grazer is one of the biggest-name producers in town, and normally the type of guy who lets his movies do the talking.

zac efron

The Zac Efron Dildo Meltdown of 2013

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Here it is, your headline of the day: God bless the New York Post, doing the Lord's work as always.

#shia labeouf

Today in Unfortunate Headline/Picture Juxtapositions

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This is a screencap of an article that came up in my Google Reader this morning.


Probably the best headline of all time

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[via BoingBoing] I know I've already run my fair share of "BEST HEADLINE EVER" stories, but this legitimately gave me an uncontrollable, 30 to 60-second fit of laughter.


Headline of the Day, Ufford pets dogs, Morning Links

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Not only is this headline amazing, in the picture it looks like old sweater vest is holding a couple of dicks.


The search for the world’s greatest headline is over

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You'll have to excuse the non-movie-related digression once again, but given the banner image, I think you understand.


Morning Links, with Sex Offender Dog

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I knew Sex Offender Dog was up to no good, just because of how he was dressed.


Today’s NY Post cover really says it all

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As you can see, today's NY Post cover is a model of serendipitous picture/headline juxtapositions.


Best Headline Ever? The Washington Post Deserves a Pulitzer (UPDATE)

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UPDATE: As FilmDrunkard Russell points out: "The paper that you have in that picture is the Express, which is a free paper that gets passed out at Washington DC Metro stations.


‘Obama Beats Weiner,’ today’s actual NY Post headline.

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It seems the Weiner pun headlines have finally reached the Baba Booey stage of their life cycle, where it wasn't funny the first thousand times, but now it's finally starting to come back around to being funny again.


‘Michael Fassbender gave horses erections’

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Obviously, there isn't much to add to this story.


Scratch Harry Baals off your list

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Folks, I know I vented a little about that Variety article back there, and I'm sorry if I brought you down, but now I've got something to share that makes it all worthwhile.

#Star Wars

Obi-Wan was HAMMERED

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Today's awesome headline comes from MSNBC: "Jedi master jailed for beating.


Important News Story of the Day: Johnny Rotten Farted on Jamiroquai

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The only sources for this story are the notoriously unreliable WENN and the Sun, but I don't care.


Lesbian Fake Doctor Jailed for Providing Free Breast Exams in Bars

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Today I've got yet another sad story about our country going down the crapper.


Man in Joker Mask Tries to Steal Drugs from an Old Lady on the Toilet

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In my favorite news headline since Kentucky's "Man forced to eat his own beard in fight over lawnmower," we can now add Akron, Ohio's "Clown robs elderly woman sitting on the toilet.

local news

‘Man Forced to Eat His Own Beard in Fight over Lawnmower’

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Game over, world, I've found my favorite news story of all time.


'Daniel Radcliffe looks forward to sex with Broadway dancers'

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As you might have guessed, today's headline of the day is "Daniel Radcliffe looks forward to sex with Broadway dancers," and it comes from the HuffingtonPost.

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