A Large Portion Of ‘The West Wing’ Cast Reunited For Funny Or Die


Some of our favorite members of the cast of 'The West Wing' reunited for a mystery project with Funny or Die.


Listen To Fabolous’ Cocky ‘Will Smith’ Freestyle

By | 11 Comments

Listen to Fabolous' latest track, "Will Smith."

Walt Disney

A Celebration Of The ‘Walt Disney Frozen Head’ Joke’s Enduring Appeal

By | 8 Comments

Walt Disney's legacy will never fade, but neither will the rumors that he was frozen after he died. Because everyone loves to joke about it.


These Black Friday Comedy Sketches Will Make You Rethink Your Holiday Shopping Plans

By | 5 Comments

If you're plan is to go out to a store tonight or tomorrow, you might want to watch these Black Friday comedy sketches first.


Rick Ross Explains His Rapid Weight Loss And Disses Bruce Springstein In New ‘RossFit’ Video

By | 18 Comments

Is a possible chain snatching in the works between the E-Street Band and MMG?

porn stars

These Friendly Porn Stars Might Help You Understand Net Neutrality

By | 11 Comments

FINALLY, someone (porn stars) explains net neutrality in words us country bumpkins can understand.


Watch The Perfect Parody Of ’10 Hours Of Walking In NYC As A Woman’

By | 16 Comments

Funny or Die has responded to "10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman" with "10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Man."


Brad Pitt Stops By ‘Between Two Ferns’ For Its Most Wonderfully Awkward Interview Yet

By | 31 Comments

Zach Galifianakis has outdone himself in his latest episode of 'Between Two Ferns,' which features Brad Pitt and another surprise guest.

#True Detective

Ellen Page And Kate Mara Made A Convincing Case For Starring In ‘True Detective’ Season 2

By | 5 Comments

Ellen Page and Kate Mara really want to star in "True Detective" season two, and they've got the footage to prove they're the right choice.

billy on the street

‘Billy On The Street’ Is Celebrating Three Years So Here’s A ‘Best Of’ Compilation

By | 2 Comments

In honor of three years of Billy Eichner on television, here's the best of 'Billy on the Street' thanks to Funny or Die.


Here’s What It Would Be Like If Joan Holloway Came To Work In A Modern Office

By | 10 Comments

You can take the girl out of the 1960s office, but you can't take the martinis out of the girl.


Funny Or Die’s ‘RE2PECT’ Parody For Alex Rodriguez Is A Grand Slam


Whereas Derek Jeter's 'RE2PECT' tribute gave baseball fans the chills, this Alex Rodriguez 'F13K YOU' parody will make us all laugh.


Let Dave Foley And Traci Lords Welcome The Ramones Into Heaven

By | 5 Comments

Dave Foley and the Ramones? That does indeed sound like Heaven.

#game of thrones

George R.R. Martin Reveals How He Really Feels About Impatient Fans In This Week’s ‘Gay Of Thrones’

By | 10 Comments

Martin stops by Funny Or Die's 'Gay Of Thrones' recap show and as usual, someone dies...or do they? SPOILERS INSIDE!

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