#Viral Videos

What If Fast Food Commercials Were Brutally Honest About Their Products?

You'll never want to eat fast food again, but you will anyway.

Ernest the Worrell'd Tour

Ernest, The Worrell’d Tour Part 6: ‘Ernest Rides Again’ Is A Forgotten Semi-Classic


Ernest Rides Again is an unexpected turn for the funny. It has lots to offer, other than a good plot or decent acting.

Ernest the Worrell'd Tour

Ernest, The Worrell’d Tour Part 5: ‘Ernest Scared Stupid’ Is Even More Traumatizing Than You Remember


It's all trick and no treat in Ernest Scared Stupid, the most frightening children's movie ever made.

Ernest the Worrell'd Tour

Ernest, The Worrell’d Tour Part 4: ‘Ernest Goes To Jail’


Ernest Goes to Jail is the best Ernest movie, and rises above its cornballery to deliver real laughs.


Meet The Two-Pawed Kitty Who Hops Around Like A Bunny

This cat video is exactly what the internet was created for.

#Chris Pratt

Watch Chris Pratt Make The Best Of A Ridiculous Fake Interview


Need someone to tell your mom you have genital herpes? Call Chris Pratt

Ernest the Worrell'd Tour

Ernest, The Worrell’d Tour Part 3: ‘Ernest Saves Christmas’


Ernest Saves Christmas is a decent holiday flick with a few laughs and a couple weird surprises.

nature don't play

Watch These Rams Smash Up An Impatient Driver’s Car

This is why you don't get in the middle of a sheep fight.

#The Rock

The Rock Took A Photo With A Bunch Of Random Kids To Once Again Prove How Cool He Is


Have you ever seen anyone more happy to be surrounded by so many kids?

Shaquille O'Neal

Why Did Shaq Cover Himself In Bubble Wrap?


After his ludicrous fall on the Inside the NBA set last week, Shaq took to drastic measures to ensure his safety. It's still funny.

#Viral Videos

Watch One Teacher Propose To Another With The Help Of An Entire Classroom


The cutest and most elaborate proposal you'll see this week.

Celebrity scandals

Here Are Some Of The Most Noteable Celebrity Scandals Of All-Time

Even famous people screw up sometimes. And when they do, it's hilarious. Here's 8 funny celebrity scandals.


Meet The Tinder User Who Has An Honest Reason Why Women Should Sleep With Him


He's not the hero we deserve, but Daniel is the hero we need right now.


Evolve Alpha Videos So Funny And Awesome You’ll Need A Medic

Promoted by Evolve

Evolve, being a multiplayer shooter where four friends team up against another one playing a monster, has plenty of videos out there.

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