Evolve Alpha Videos So Funny And Awesome You’ll Need A Medic

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Evolve, being a multiplayer shooter where four friends team up against another one playing a monster, has plenty of videos out there.

Ipad thieves

Two iPad Thieves Got Busted Because Their Selfies Started Showing Up In The Owner’s iCloud


When will thieves learnt that taking slefies on stolen tech is about the stupidest thing you can do?

#The Simpsons

Pharrell And His Giant Hat Will Appear On ‘The Simpsons’


Producer, overall talent, and giant hat wearer Pharrell Williams will be appearing as a guest star on 'The Simpsons' soon, hat and all.

#Viral Videos

This Man Attempts To Drink A Beer In Front Of An Industrial Air Compressor And It Ends As Expected


What happens when a redneck tries to drink a beer in front of an air compressor?


A Teenager Pretended To Be A Doctor At A Florida Hospital — And It Took A Month For Anyone To Notice


A young teenager in Florida had been pretending to be a doctor for about a month before his scam came to a screeching halt.

blake lively

Here’s The Tricky Way Amber Tamblyn Found Out Blake Lively Had A Baby

Blake Lively pulled a prank on her good friend Amber Tamblyn to introduce her new baby.


Morrissey Was Really Happy To Hear That A Bullfighter In Mexico Was Gored By A Bull


80's icon Morrissey is not known for shying away from controversial subjects, and this time he has some things to say about a recent bullfight and how it all played out.


Evil Sharks Are Eating The Internet In Vietnam


Seems some evil sharks have taken it upon themselves to nibble Vietnam's underwater internet cables, therefore, eating their internet.


The Coolest Friend Ever Turned This House Into A Discount ‘Harry Potter’ World As A Birthday Surprise

One friend is a huge Harry Potter fan. The other friend found out and turned her home into magical 'Harry Potter' world.

the price is right

‘Price Is Right’ Contestants Have No Idea How Much An iPhone Costs


While we all my scoff, there is a level of innocence and purity to not knowing the price of an iPhone, which this woman clearly does not.

one direction

Here’s A Moving Tribute To The Sad Dads Dragged To One Direction Concerts


It's about time we honored those brave and selfless fathers.


This Is What Happens When Mother Nature Photobombs Your Selfie


This couple got photobombed by a pretty explosive lightning strike and lived to share it on the Internet.


One Hundred Ways To Attack The Groin Is The Stupid Fun YouTube Was Created To Show


'Enter The Dojo' gives you the best defense against those attackers with a wide stance.

viral video

The Ultimate Redhead Fails Compilation

The funniest clips of ginger mishaps, all in one video.

viral video

The Ultimate Awkward Night Club Photo Compilation

The funniest and most awful night club photos ever snapped, all in one video.


'True Detective's' Rust Cohle Discovers Marty Hart's True Secret In This Hilarious Mashup

'True Detective's' Rush Cohle uncovers a hidden video tape exposing Marty Hart. What follows is you laughing really hard.

viral video

The Best News Bloopers Of January 2014

The most ridiculous mishaps to happen during live newscasts in January, all in one video.

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