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Two-Year-Old vs. Couch


A two-year-old boy battles the living room couch, flashing a nice combination of technique and intensity.


This Pete Rose Furniture Ad Is Incredible

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Move over, Wade Boggs’ Carpet World.


Billy Corgan, Smashing Pumpkins. Pro Wrestlers, Smiling Politely.

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<a href="" rel="attachment wp-att-105617"></a>If you weren't aware, Billy Corgan (a musician who was probably pretty important to you if you were alive in 1992) runs a pro wrestling promotion.


Behold, The Nic Cage Couch, The Ideal Furnishing For Any Nic Cage Movie Watching Binge


Okay so let's say you decide to "Cage Your Queue" -- that is, fill your Netflix queue with nothing but Nic Cage flicks, because, DUH, that'd be nothing but freakin' awesome -- you're gonna need something comfortable, not to mention something that sets the appropriate mood, to watch all those Nic Cage movies on, no?


Man Sets Asinine World Speed Record

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Perry Watkins is an English inventor who also has an appreciation for speed and innovative automobile design.

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