Big Boi And Andre 3000 Speak On Outkast’s Future…Separately

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While on promo runs for Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors, Big Boi stopped by Hot 97 to drop some insight on a variety of topics.


The Fresh That Keeps On Giving: Day Seven

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Ever since the Jay concert aired, I've been keeping a quiet eye on Fuse and it's been a refuge for those times when nothing else is going on.

#Jay Z

Video: Jay-Z’s Answer The Call Concert

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In case you missed it & don't want to wait for Sunday's replay on Fuse, Yardie's got the rip split into two videos instead of the 4-8 different compiled clips I've seen elsewhere.

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Fuse Presents Kanye West: Live At Chicago Theatre

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Kanye West partnered with Fuse TV to broadcast his performance @ the Chicago Theatre, which aired last night.

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