Let’s Celebrate The ‘Futurama’ Series Finale With Cosplay

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The final episode of 'Futurama' airs on Comedy Central tonight. To send off the show, we've collected some of our favorite Futurama cosplay pictures.


The Ten Most Useful ‘Futurama’ Clips

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'Futurama' flies off into the black tonight, so we look back with ten of the show's most useful clips. Use them to reply, instead of thoughtful debate!


'Futurama' Ends Tomorrow, And It May Be A Good Thing

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'Futurama' has its final episode tomorrow... and this might actually be for the best.


In Which We Attempt To Explain The Hyperloop With A Minimum Of ‘Futurama’ Jokes

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Yesterday, Elon Musk (PayPal, Tesla Motors, and SpaceX) released open source plans for a "Hyperloop" fast transit system, and we attempt to summarize.


What If Link From 'Legend Of Zelda' Were In Some Of Our Favorite TV Shows?

By | 8 Comments

TanBurn posted a set of drawings called "If Link Was In..." which redraws Link from 'Legend of Zelda' as if he were a character in several popular TV shows.


Good News, Everyone! Here's A Mesmerizing Replica Of The Holophonor From 'Futurama'

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Harrison Krix of Volpin Props has made a one-of-a-kind replica of Fry's Holophonor from 'Futurama'.

#comic con 2013

‘The Simpsons’ Will Also Do A Crossover Episode With ‘Futurama’ In 2014

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Last week the powers that be announced that The Simpsons would be <a href="http://www.uproxx.com/tv/2013/07/the-simpsons-and-family-guy-are-doing-a-crossover-episode/">doing a crossover episode with Family Guy</a>, and that it would take place on Seth MacFarlane's side of the playground.


David X. Cohen Reveals Which 'Futurama' Characters Almost Got A Spin-Off (And The Morning Links)

By | 7 Comments

"Futurama" co-creator David X. Cohen explains which pair of characters nearly got a spinoff, and the rest of the Morning Links.


‘Futurama’ Ripped On ‘E.T.’ In Last Night’s Episode

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'Futurama' puts another beloved classic through the meat grinder. Also, there are weed jokes. Lots of them.


Close Out Friday With Our Mother’s Day Mega-GIF Celebration

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Close out your day and celebrate Mother's Day with a collection of GIFs.


A Hardcore 'Futurama' Fan Brewed His Own BenderBrau

By | 7 Comments

Want to make BenderBrau, as seen on "Futurama"? Here's how.


‘He Forgot Me A Long Time Ago': 10 Gut-Wrenching Episodes Of Otherwise Happy Shows

By | 160 Comments

A collection of the saddest sitcom episodes, including selections from "Futurama," "The Simpsons," and more.


Why ‘Futurama’ Should Go Exclusively Online

By | 23 Comments

'Futurama' has been canceled. Again. And there are plans to bring it back... but it should come back online.


So 9% Of Humanity Would Sleep With A Robot

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Nearly one in ten of us would have sex with a robot. Either that or they are just very, very desperate for attention.


REMEMBER ME: Bender Wood Stove Is A Fitting ‘Futurama’ Tribute


This guy built a Bender wood stove over three weeks using gas bottles, welding wire, steel, plaster, and plenty of liquor. Precious liquor.


Bender Is Great, And These GIFs Prove It

By | 20 Comments

Bender is great, so why not kick off Tuesday basking in his glory?


Two Competitors For The Pope's Throne, Magical Monkeys, And Afternoon Links


Today's afternoon links, featuring two characters who could be pope and a music video with murderous, magical monkeys.


Fry Reunites With His Dog! ‘Futurama’ Seventh Season Preview

By | 33 Comments

The highlight reel for 'Futurama' season 7 is filled with awesome, but let's get to the most important part: Fry's dog!

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