Shed A Tear At This ‘In Memoriam’ Video For The WWE Future Endeavors Class Of 2014

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WWE lost a lot of talent in 2014, so someone whipped up an 'In Memoriam' video to tribute them all.


Is The Great Khali Gone From WWE? Their Website Says ‘Maybe.’

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If a move to the alumni section of WWE.com is to be believed, former World Champion The Great Khali could be gone from the company.


The WWE Employee Who Made A Racist Joke And Got Alberto Del Rio Fired Has Left The Company

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Cody Barbierri, the social media manager who made racist jokes and got Alberto Del Rio fired, is no longer with the company.


WWE Ring Announcer Justin Roberts Has Been Released

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Longtime WWE ring announcer Justin Roberts, the man behind the JYERN CENA call, has been released.


Leave The No Memories Alone: Willie Mack’s WWE Career Is Over Before It Began

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In a surprising bit of news, PWG standout Willie Mack has been released from his WWE developmental contract before it could even start.


Whoops, Shawne Merriman’s WWE Career Is Already Over

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Former NFL star Shawne Merriman's fledgling WWE career is over before it began, as he is "no longer under contract" with the company.


WWE Fired Alberto Del Rio Because Someone Else Made A Racist Joke At His Expense

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The reason why Alberto Del Rio was fired from WWE has been revealed, and it involves racist jokes. Because of course it does.


Adios: Alberto Del Rio Released From WWE

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Former WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio was released from his contract today after displaying "unprofessional" conduct.


WWE Released Mark The Timekeeper And No One Is Safe

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WWE's latest release is 30-year veteran bell-ringer Mark Yeaton, aka Mark The Timekeeper.


WWE Just Released Five Developmental Wrestlers You’ve Never Heard Of

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The next round of WWE talent cuts have begun, and five developmental NXT talents have lost their jobs.


Damas y Caballeros! Ricardo Rodriguez Has Been Released From WWE

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Ricardo Rodriguez announces release from his WWE contract via Twitter.


And Now She’s Fired: WWE Just Released Emma (Updated)

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WWE Diva Emma has been released, following Monday's arrest for shoplifting an iPhone case from a Hartford WalMart.


Longtime WWE Announcer Josh Mathews Has Been Released, Apparently

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According to sources, Josh Mathews has been released from WWE. Josh Mathews. The announcer guy? The one from Tough Enough? Little guy.


JTG Gets The 70s Folk Rock Tribute He Deserves In ‘The Day The Wrestling Died’

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This is easily the best Don McLean-themed parody tribute to the firing of long-employed wrestler JTG we've heard today.


Fired WWE Stars Update: The Funkasaurus Is Going To Japan To Protect Dolphins, Curt Hawkins Has A Death Wish

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In an update on yesterday's WWE firings, Brodus Clay has decided to protest dolphin murder and Curt Hawkins is about to BE murdered.


Hold On A Minute, Player: WWE Just Released Teddy Long And 9 Other Superstars (Updated)

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The deadly spring rush of WWE releases is upon us, as Teddy Long, Jinder Mahal, Brodus Clay, Askana and others have been let go.


Leave The Memories Alone: Mason Ryan (And A Few NXT Talents) Have Been Future Endeavored

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Mason Ryan, probably best known to WWE audiences as "not Batista," has been released alongside several other NXT developmental talents.


Thanks For The Botched Memories: WWE Has Released The Original Sin Cara

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The man who originally wore the mask of Sin Cara has been released by WWE, making one of the worst big name runs ever officially toast.


Kaitlyn Has Left WWE And That Evil Chickbusters Reunion Is Never Going To Happen. BRB, Crying.

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Former WWE Divas Champion Kaitlyn has left the company effective today, to explore opportunities outside of sports-entertainment. KAITLYN NO.

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