The Hot Tub Incident, ‘Bullitt’ Homage, And Best Moments From This Week’s ‘Archer’

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In which we meet Lana's parents and Archer got live out the chase scene from 'Bullitt'


A Look Behind The Awesome Tribute To ‘Bullitt’ On This Week’s ‘Archer’

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The artists behind 'Archer' included an homage to the 1968 crime thriller 'Bullitt' in this week's episode, 'The Kanes.'


Check Out Aisha Tyler’s High School Photo That Inspired This Week’s ‘Archer’

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This amazing photo of Aisha Tyler's "awkward teen" years provides some background for Lana Kane on this week's 'Archer.'


‘Justified’ Discussion: ‘They Know Killing, But They Don’t Know Crime’

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A surprisingly sad death, a proposal, and everything going to hell for everyone. The final season of "Justified" is shaping up nicely.


Lady Gaga Will Star In The Next Season Of ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’

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The mother of all monsters is coming to "American Horror Story."


Ben Woolf, Meep from ‘American Horror Story,’ Has Passed Away

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The actor had been in critical condition after being hit by a car last Thursday.

#American Horror Story

Ben Woolf, AKA ‘Meep’ From ‘American Horror Story,’ Is In Critical Condition

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Ben Woolf, the actor with pituitary dwarfism from 'American Horror Story,' is being hospitalized after an accident.


A History Of Sterling Archer’s Mishaps With Totally Awesome Modes Of Transportation

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Sterling Archer has a well-documented history with travel plans going awry, including these hysterical moments.


‘Justified’ Discussion: ‘You Gonna Take Care Of Me?’

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TASINGS. KISSING. EXPLOSIONS. "Justified" continues to check off all the important boxes in its final season.

#The Americans

Last Night’s ‘The Americans’ Made ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Look Like A Disney Film

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'The Americans' turned a tooth extraction scene into a passionate sex scene.


‘Justified’ Discussion: ‘Didn’t Your Mama Tell You There’s Always Another Snake?’

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The final season of "Justified" keeps churning along, with another excellent episode tha-... KABOOM.

the bastard executioner

Kurt Sutter’s ‘The Bastard Executioner’ Begins Filming In Wales Next Month

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For the past several weeks, Sons of Anarchy showrunner and generally outspoken person Kurt Sutter has turned his Instagram page into a collection of fun and almost-artistic photos from his trip to Wales.


Everything You Need To Know About Milton, Archer’s Toast-Popping Copy Machine

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In tonight's episode of 'Archer,' the world's greatest spies will need someone's help to escape an elevator. Will Milton be their hero?


‘Justified’ Discussion: ‘You Gonna Pop On Me, Darling?’

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Last night's "Justified" was heavy on boozing and tanning, like an episode of "Jersey Shore," but good!

#The Americans

Available Now: A Lingerie Line Inspired By Keri Russell’s Character On ‘The Americans’

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Cosabella and FX's "The Americans" have teamed up to make a line of lingerie inspired by Keri Russell's character on the show.


Everything You Need To Know About Barry Dylan, Archer’s Unholy Abomination Of Metal Fused With Flesh

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Barry Dylan makes his triumphant cyborg return to 'Archer' this week so he can try to finally murder Sterling and his fellow spies.


‘Justified’ Discussion: ‘Fancy Seeing You Here’

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A GIF-heavy recap of the "Justified" episode "Cash Game," you no good peacocks.

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