This Week’s ‘Archer’ Is An Homage To An Obscure Clint Eastwood Movie From 1975, Obviously

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"Archer" is doing an episode based on the 1975 Clint Eastwood movie "The Eiger Sanction," which is about a retired assassin doing one last job on an icy mountain.

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The Complete Survival Rankings For Tonight’s ‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’ Finale

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With one episode to go, we expect to see a LOT of bloodshed on tonight's riveting finale of 'American Horror Story: Freak Show.'


New York City Is At War With Vampires In This Season Two Teaser For ‘The Strain’

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IT'S ON between the human race and the vampires in season two of 'The Strain' out this summer.


‘Justified’ Discussion: ‘… And The Bullet Finds You’

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Featuring GIFs and a heartfelt goodbye to a fallen friend.


Before The Bullets: An Oral History Of The Creation Of ‘Justified’

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An oral history of the path "Justified" took from idea to the screen, including interviews with Walton Goggins, creator Graham Yost and FX Networks president John Landgraf.


Ronald Reagan Will Be A Character In The Second Season Of FX’s ‘Fargo’

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The second season of FX's 'Fargo' will feature former president Ronald Reagan as a character.

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Ryan Murphy Is Planning A Creative Reboot For Season Five Of ‘American Horror Story’

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We're not sure if this is good news or bad news, but Ryan Murphy reportedly has new plans for 'American Horror Story' season five.


Billy Crystal Wants Television To Stop Shoving Gay Sex Scenes In His Face

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Billy Crystal had some very unpopular opinions about gay sex portrayed on television during a panel over the weekend.

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FX Will Air ‘Louis C.K. Live From The Comedy Store’ Later This Spring

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Before then, Louie will make the new special available to fans on his website.


Someone Finally Made An All-Female Porn Parody For ‘Archer’

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The fine people at Wood Rocket have made an all-female parody of everyone's favorite animated spy series, 'Archer.'


The Return Of Conway Stern: A Quick Refresher On The ‘Archer’ Fan Favorite

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To prepare for his return to "Archer," here's a quick refresher on double-agent Conway Stern.


H. Jon Benjamin Live-Tweeted The Season Premiere Of ‘Archer’ With A Special Guest

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The voice of Sterling Archer welcomed a special guest into his home for the Season 6 premiere of 'Archer,' and then things got weird.


Get Excited For The New HQ From The ‘Archer’ Season Premiere

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Check out the new digs from the 'Archer' season premiere.


UPROXX Trivia: Are You Smart Enough To Be A Gentleman Spy Like ‘Archer’?

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Before you watch the Season 6 premiere of 'Archer' on FX, test your knowledge of the super spy series in our latest trivia challenge.


Archer’s Most Sadistic Punishments For Woodhouse On ‘Archer’

Promoted by FX

Woodhouse has suffered dearly under Archer over five seasons. Here are some of his lowest moments.


John Travolta Will Play Robert Shapiro In Ryan Murphy’s OJ Trial Show, ‘American Crime Story’

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John Travolta has been cast as OJ Simpson's defense attorney Robert Shapiro in 'American Crime Story.'


Creator Noah Hawley On ‘Fargo’ Season Two: It’s Going To Be ‘A Lot Bigger’

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"Fargo" creator Noah Hawley dishes on season two and the show's non-existent rivalry with "True Detective."


Pam Poovey’s Phone Has Been Hacked, And These Images Are How You Get Ants

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Pam Poovey's phone has been hacked. Dare you witness what the hackers found?

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