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Check Out The Murderous New Full-Length Trailer For FX's Star-Studded 'Fargo' Series

By | 24 Comments

Billy Bob Thornton talking about homicide, Bob Odenkirk talking about barfing up spaghetti, this trailer HAS IT ALL.

dickie bennett

'Justified' Discussion: 'Golden Times For Dewey Crowe'

By | 174 Comments

Last night's "Justified" featured the triumphant return of Dickie Bennett and his hair.


Here Are This Week's 'Justified' GIFs

By | 15 Comments

Dead dogs, missing dope, and Dickie Bennet; this week’s Justified had it all.


The Best Of Last Night's 'Archer': 'Eat A Dick, Jungle'

By | 62 Comments

"Rules of Extraction" picked the narrative right up from where we left off last week, but more importantly it also picked up the back-to-basics themes.


9 Reasons You Should Be Watching ‘The Americans’ On FX, One Of The Best Dramas On TV

By | 73 Comments

Where we try to convince you to give 'The Americans' on FX a chance, or come back to it if you bailed after the first few episodes.


‘Louie’ Is FINALLY Returning To FX On May 5 And He Has A Gift For You

By | 14 Comments

Louis CK's critically-acclaimed show 'Louie' is finally returning to FX on May 5, and we're getting a special gift for being so patient.


'Justified' Discussion: 'Reason Not The Need, Marshal'

By | 191 Comments

Here's your recap of last night's episode of "Justified," "Wrong Roads," in which we met the Ghost of Raylan Future.


All The GIFs From Last Night's 'Justified'

By | 36 Comments

Here's the GIFs from the packed 'Justified' episode "Wrong Roads"


Let’s Watch These New ‘Fargo’ Trailers From FX And Try To Figure Out What The Hell Is Going On

By | 18 Comments

FX has released ten teaser-trailers. Let's take a look at them all and see if we can figure out what's going on.


Holy Sh*t Snacks! ‘Archer’ Was Renewed For Another Two Seasons!

By | 17 Comments

FX has announced that it is in business with ISIS and Sterling Archer for at least two more seasons with the renewal of 'Archer.'


‘Justified’ Discussion: ‘You Were Born To Lose. Lose Well For Once.’

By | 138 Comments

All your GIFs and highlights from last night's episode, after one very important question.


'Archer' Exclusive: Watch The Original First Draft Of The 'Archer Vice' Daydream Trailer

By | 16 Comments

The first draft of the trailer made it all the way to the animatic stage in production and you can watch it right now!


‘The Americans’ Brilliantly Returns For Season Two, And They Are Not Screwing Around

By | 28 Comments

'The Americans' returned to FX in a big way, amping up the sex and violence, but more importantly, raising the stakes.


The Cast Of ‘The Americans’ Keeps A ‘Felicity Wall’ As A Tribute To Keri Russell

By | 3 Comments

To pay tribute to Keri Russell's most famous TV character, her castmates on 'The Americans' keeps what they call a 'Felicity Wall.'


Let’s Go Across The Border On This Week’s ‘Justified’

By | 26 Comments

Turns out Mexicans aren't the only thing Boyd hates about Mexico.


‘Justified’ Refresher: Let’s Talk About That Thing That Happened On The Tarmac Last Season

By | 40 Comments

Since "Justified" was off this week, let's take a moment and remember what exactly happened on the tarmac last seen that has Art furious at Raylan today.

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