The 10 Best Bad Boy Singles Not Made By Biggie Smalls

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Give Puffy some credit for maintaining a roster that can stand behind the massive legacy of the Notorious one.


G-Dep Had To Confess Twice For Cops To Believe His Murder Story

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Checking in from the Murder She Wrote files, former Bad Boy G-Dep sits down with ABC's Nightline to discuss his decision to come forward and confess to <a href="">the 1993 murder</a> that currently has him behind bars.


G-Dep Sentenced To Minimum 15 Years In Murder Case

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The legal drama of G-Dep came to an end today after a long, two-year process that began when he unknowingly <a href="">confessed to a cold-case murder</a>.


G-Dep Convicted Of 1993 Shooting, Facing 15-To-Life Sentence

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<a href="">G-Dep</a> was <a href="">convicted by a judge and jury today</a>, charged with the 1993 murder of another man in a robbery gone awry.


G-Dep Pleads Not Guilty

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<a href=""> G-Dep now says he didn't kill the guy...technically. "Harlem, New York rapper G-Dep appeared in Manhattan Supreme Court yesterday (January 13th), where he pleaded not guilty to murdering a man 17-years-ago during a botched robbery in New York. The plea comes after G-Dep walked into the 25th precinct and admitted to shooting John Henkel in October of 1993. G-Dep said he confessed as part of a drug rehabilitation program, but he did not know his victim had died from the gunshot wounds. According to his lawyer Anthony Ricco, the not-guilty plea was a procedural step, so that G-Dep's confession to police could be scrutinized, because he was most likely under the influence of drugs at the time admitted to the murder." <a href="">[AHH]</a> A mere formality.


Victim’s Brother: G-Dep’s An “Idiot”

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<a href=""> When G-Dep sought redemption in the arms of the NYPD, he opened up both new and old wounds for his family as well as the victim's loved ones. Now, the victim's stepbrother steps forward to <a href="">share his thoughts</a> with the NY Post, criticizing <a href="">G-Dep's now infamous confession</a>.


How Many Rappers Can Jail Hold?

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"It ain't them that's knockin' us off, it's us that's knockin' us off.


12.6 The Cooler

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Brittany Dasani x Pendulous Breasts Tiger Woods Voicemail Slow Jam [Don Chavez] 60 Seconds With The Clipse [Details] Finally, A Mascot We Can All Love [Gunaxin] David Stern On If Women Will Play In NBA: 'Sure' [SbB] G-Dep Opens Up About PCP Addiction [Urban Daily] Shaq [...].


Pure Pauseworthy

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Since the "No Homo/(||)" movement is at an all-time high on the Internet, maybe it's best that you know the most pauseworthy song that's actually still worth some burn.


Bad Boys For Life…

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Surely I'm not the only one who completely missed this fuckery.

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