Tony Yayo

50 Cent On Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo: “They Have To Get Themselves Together”

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It's mildly ironic that given the current popularity of crews and clicks (Black Hippy, ASAP Mob, etc.

The Lost Tape

50 Cent & DJ Drama – The Lost Tape

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When <a href="">Curtis</a> announced he was dropping The Lost Tape, most folks anticipated unreleased records in the vein of his former foe Nas' famed project.


Lloyd Banks – “Shock The World”

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Back before The Unit was The Unit, I remember being so impressed with how easily <a href="">Lloyd Banks</a> commanded 2Pac's "<a href="">Can't C Me</a>" beat, I actually ended up buying The Hunger For More.


50 Cent Becomes Peacemaker & Problem-Solver With New Book

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If you're hindered by a certain problem that can't seem to be shaken, wait it out.

Tony Yayo

The iPod Shuffle: G-Unit’s “Bad News”

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Young, disrespectful, vibrant and immune to any rules the establishment set forth before them, one could make the argument the early 2000's G-Unit and 1992's Bébé's Kids were one in the same.

shawty lo

Tony Yayo Feat. 50 Cent, Shawty Lo & Kidd Kidd – “Haters” Video

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Whether you love or hate Tony Yayo, he's giving everybody plenty of reason to pay attention to him as the apparent designated driver of G-Unit for now.


Tony Yayo Feat. 50 Cent, Shawty Lo, Roscoe Dash & Kidd Kidd – “Haters”

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G-Unit 2K11 is a far cry from <a href="">the gaudy roster</a> 50 Cent brandished in 2004, but for now, they're content with visibility being their voice of promotion.

Tony Yayo

Tony Yayo Feat. Lil B – “Based” Video

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<a href=""> <a href="">Curtis may kick it with DeAndre</a> but Marvin knows who to stand next to get influenced by that "Evil Flame" spirit.

TSS Presents Smoking Sessions

TSS Presents Smoking Sessions With Lloyd Banks

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In the military, when the top-ranking official of the operation is rendered incapable of doing their job, the next in line steps up and fills the slot without so much of a eye blink.


Lloyd Banks Feat. Eminem – “Where I’m At”

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<a href=""> If you weren't satisfied with "<a href="">Celebrity</a>" - Lloyd Banks<a href="">'</a> previously leaked Hunger For More 2 track featuring <a href="">Slim Shady</a> and Akon - this one should feed your appetite.


Lloyd Banks – “Finish Line”

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<a href=""> The race to deliver weekly non-album tracks was sorta derailed by an ankle sprain due to <a href="">studio rendezvous</a> with <a href="">Kanye</a>.


Slim & Fifty Prank Lloyd Banks

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<a href=""> Instead of just handing <a href="">Lloyd Banks</a> his well-deserved Gold plaque for "<a href="">Beamer, Benz, Or Bentley</a>," Curtis and B Rabbit go all Ashton Kutcher and make the hottest member of G-Unit believe there had been murmurs of him saying he didn't want Eminem to make an appearance on his third album, Hunger For More II.


Lloyd Banks – “King/Do My Thing”

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<a href=""> Playboy Banks probably smokes so many trees, there's no distinction between a Friday and "fried day." But we'll excuse his tardiness as long as the quality on his mid-grade offerings remain equally as high. While there's never been a clear understanding why charged and soulful melodies like the one heard on "King/Do My Thing" took a backseat to repetitive 808s on the East Coast but doses of nostalgia are always welcomed at any given time. Songs like these would make for great padding to surround the previous singles from H.F.M. 2 (The Hunger for More 2). If he's giving these away, the possibility that his album will set November ablaze seems all the more likely. <a href="">Lloyd Banks - "King/Do My Thing"</a> | <a href="">Download</a>.


8.17 The Cooler

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Candy Girl Cece Boxing Needs Another Mike Tyson [Dr. Jay's] HIV-Positive Pop Star Admits to Having Unprotected Sex [Fox] The Shake Weight: Shaking America By Storm [Inc.] 5 Great Moments in Crash Test Dummy History [Complex] How Maxine Waters and Charlie Rangel Played Themselves [The [...].

Tony Yayo

“I Wonder If You Mad…”

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<a href=""> <a href="">50 Cent</a> is the greatest villain Hip-Hop has ever seen.


Lloyd Banks Feat. Lloyd – “Any Girl”

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<a href=""> It's pretty obvious these two only collaborated because their mothers had affections for double L's, but the summer needs heat and there's definitely some friction being discharged from this bomb. Given the song's subject matter, we all can assume a zesty video full of swimsuit models is the works next. <a href="">Blue Hef</a> continues the streak of rappers seeking to get a buzz by releasing a sequel out nowhere with H.


Lloyd Banks Feat. Juelz Santana – “Beamer, Benz Or Bentley” Video

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It's good to see <a href="">Banks</a> is taking advantage of <a href="">this single</a>.

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