Jesus, Gabby Douglas, Just Go Out With This Kid Already

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Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas still won't give a straight answer to Leon Purvis, the kid who asked her to prom and, uh, won't stop asking her out.


Our Friend Leon Purvis Is Back To Ask Gabby Douglas On A Date

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Back in December, almost five months after she’d risen to fame as America’s newest Olympic sweetheart, gold medalist Gabby Douglas received a prom invite from a young man named Leon Purvis, who was exponentially more genuine and sincere than that guy who wanted to take Kate Upton to prom.


This Kid Wants To Go To Prom With Gabby Douglas, Needs To Chill Out A Little

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Lost in the shuffle of producing what is already being called the greatest list of 2012 sports moments that will ever be written, according to this guy and these guys, was the phenomenal, inspirational tale of Gabby Douglas, who actually almost quit her dream of being an Olympic gymnast, because she couldn’t stand being away from her family.


Alex Morgan Dressed As McKayla Maroney For Halloween

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One of the unfortunate drawbacks of this being an almost entirely sports-related blog (unless, in extreme circumstances, the situation calls for Kate Upton pictures) is that we don’t ever really get to enjoy the best part of Halloween – girls in slutty costumes.


McKayla Maroney Is Not Impressed By The Los Angeles Dodgers

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Olympic gold medal gymnasts Gabby Douglas, Kyla Ross and Internet Favorite McKayla Maroney threw out the ceremonial first pitches before Tuesday's Padres-Dodgers game at Dodger Stadium.


Gabby Douglas Is Safe Now With Oprah And Your Morning Links


The other day we talked about the reports that Gabby Douglas’ parents were locked in a bitter divorce, and were fighting each other over the 16-year old Olympic superstar’s current wealth and all of the money she’ll make moving ahead.


Stephen Colbert's New Interns


Stephen introduces his new interns: The Fierce Five (U.


Fox News Anchors Who Questioned Gabby Douglas’ Patriotism Get The Colbert Lampooning They Were Begging For

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A few days ago there was a video clip making the rounds on the internet of some blonde Fox News garden knome calling the patriotism of gold medal gymnast Gabby Douglas -- a 16 year-old -- into question because she wore pink instead of red, white and blue while performing. Take it away, Stephen Colbert.


NBC’s Best Olympic Analyst… How About Donna From ‘Parks & Rec’?

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NBC has received a metric ton of crap and hell for the network’s 2012 Summer Olympics coverage, and we haven’t really touched on that too much, because it’s like picking on the fat kid in dodgeball (writes the former fat kid in dodgeball).


8.6 The Cooler

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Alexis Walker The U.


Raising an Olympian: Gabrielle Douglas


Procter & Gamble's series about the moms behind Olympic athletes takes a look at Gabby Douglas, her mother (Natalie Hawkins), and her host mother (Missy Parton).

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