Retrospective: Joe Hill’s ‘Locke And Key’ Ends Today


'Locke and Key' releases its last issue today. Here's a look back, and why we'll miss Joe Hill's horror series.


'Locke And Key' Ain't Dead Yet: Movie Rights Optioned By Universal


Universal has optioned 'Locke And Key' for a feature film two years after Fox passed on a TV series based on the comic by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez.

steven spielberg

Spielberg, Kurtzman, Orci, and Friedman Bringing Locke and Key to TV

The Locke & Key comics were first released in 2008, selling out the first print run in a single day, and were illustrated by Gabriel Rodriguez and written by Joe Hill (whom I am required by internet law to point out is Stephen King's son, or I will be eaten by a grue).

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