This New Camera Feature Will Turn Your Dog Into A Photographer, No Training Required

You know some uppity yorkie just totally signed up for Instagram.


The Apple Watch Has Got Nothing On These 10 Movie Gadgets

The world took another step closer to becoming a sci-fi movie on April 24, when Apple finally launched the much-discussed Apple Watch, seemingly setting the public up for what is sure to be a series of copycats, followers and competitors.


Watch As Imogen Heap Demonstrates Her New Musical Gloves


The musician has been working for several years to create a way to wirelessly communicate with a soundboard while onstage.


The First iPhone 6 Sold Worldwide Is Already Damaged Goods


The reporter's reaction at the end was simultaneously "ain't s***" and hilarious.


Colin Furze Is Back, And He’s Got ‘Magneto Shoes’

Britain's insane gadget guy has made a tribute to Magneto in the form of shoes.

zuta labs

Check It Out: A Wireless Printer That Fits In Your Pocket


If you wait up for ten minutes I'll print out that receipt for you from my phone, bro.


Another Video Of Google Glass That Looks Too Good To Be Real


Google released a new promo video about their Google Glass augmented reality headsets and launched a program for pre-ordering a pair for yourself.

#video games

“The Hip Hop Dance Experience” Takes Us Into A Day In The Life Of B.o.B

In between jet-setting across the globe on tour and wrapping up his latest mixtape, B.


The iPhone 5: Smaller, Lighter, Thinner, Bigger Screen, More Powerful

The iPhone 5 is unsurprisingly better. But is it worthy?


Today’s WTF Gadget Makes The Shake Weight Commercial Look Tame By Comparison

The commercial for Ace Power may be even more uncomfortable to watch with your parents than the Shake Weight ad. You win this round, Korea.


I Must Posses This: Commodore 64 Bass Guitar And Keytar

Jeri Ellsworth built a Commodore 64 bass guitar which she took to Maker Faire while wearing a portable amp and roller skates. As one does.


'Blue Screen Of Death' Steps Its Game Up: If Microsoft Made Google Glasses

A couple days ago, Cajun Boy introduced us to the Google-produced video about their once-secret Project Glass.


World's First Flexible E-Ink Displays Go Into Mass Production


We may be finally getting something along the lines of the Skiff Reader and HP's flexible displays from a couple years ago.

Tinker Hatfield

Insiders Tell The Story Of The 2011 Nike Air Mag


The hype and hoopla surrounding the 2011 Nike Air Mag has scaled back, our hubris met with the realization that most commoners weren't in the running for the highly coveted kicks.


I Must Possess This

Gadgets that can digitally record things you write or draw on paper aren't new, but Wacom just announced something far above the rest of the pack: the Inkling, which will be available in late September for a retail price of $200.


A Motorcycle Build For 25

Colin Furze wasn't deterred by an arrest on a firearms charge for his Furze set out to break another record for the world's longest motorcycle, as seen in the video below.


Best Unboxing Video Ever

Picture unrelated.

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