Did you know they made a rom-com about Kate Hudson getting ass cancer?

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Plot of Little Bit of Heaven, Recreated Using Quotes from Passive-Aggressive Reviews I know the big story is that <a href="" target="_blank">The Avengers </a>opens today, and thus you may have missed this, but did you know that there's also a rom-com coming out about Kate Hudson getting ass cancer, and it's called "Little Bit of Heaven".


So Fresh & So Clean: Andre 3000 Is A “Master Of Style” In Gillette’s New Ad Campaign

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Obviously, <a href="">André Three Stacks</a> ain't hurting for money.

#nick offerman

Will Ferrell’s Spanish movie still looks caliente

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I'm sick of these movies coming out with new trailers on Friday afternoon.


Chingón, ése, Will Ferrell’s Spanish movie has a trailer

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The trailer for <a href="" target="_blank">Will Ferrell's Spanish-language comedy</a>, Casa De Mi Padre, has ended up online.


Will Ferrell is doing an entire movie in Spanish, cabrone

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Will Ferrell's production company is called "Gary Sanchez" and he once This movie is currently called UNTITLED SPANISH COMEDY [great title, thanks for mentioning it.


Ah yes, the old cut-to-the-afterlife trick…

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This is the trailer for Kate Hudson's latest Al-Qaeda recruitment video, A Little Bit of Heaven.

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