The Best And Worst Of TNA Impact Wrestling 1/2/14: I Went To Japan And All I Got Was This Lousy Haircut

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This week on Impact, things get hot! Literally! We're talkin' immolation. It's actually pretty serious.


The Best And Worst Of Impact Wrestling 12/5/13: The Ghost Of Earl Hebner’s Dignity

By | 31 Comments

Impact Wrestling gets mean, then gets fun, then goes back to mean, and then Kurt Angle


The Best And Worst Of Impact Wrestling’s Turning Point 11/21/13: Mr. Anderson Is The Lord’s Way Of Chastising You

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This week, we arrive at a real turning point for Impact Wrestling. Will things change? Will they stay the same? Probably! Maybe! Let's get noncommital!


The Best and Worst of Impact Wrestling 10/24/13 and 10/31/13: Dixie Carter’s Double Digest

By | 28 Comments

Two Impact Wrestling columns for the price of one! So much Impact, guys. Just....so much.


The Best And Worst Of Impact Wrestling 10/17/13: I Am What I Am Not

By | 26 Comments

The Best and Worst of TNA Impact Wrestling for October 17, 2013, featuring AJ Styles (@MickieJames) in Dixieland.


10 Random Thoughts About The Impact Wrestling Scratch Off Game

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<a href="https://twitter.com/matt_T" target="_blank">@matt_T</a> tweeted at me a little earlier, and the message read, "I just saw this today.


Melina Splits: WWE Cleaning House

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One of the more unheralded events in a pro wrestling fan's life is the semi-annual WWE Fire Sale, wherein the world's most profitable sports entertainment and Slurpee cup company realizes it is paying a bunch of people hundreds of thousands of dollars to do nothing and starts firing everybody.

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