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Why ‘Watch Dogs’ Is The Most Frustrating Game Of The Year

By | 27 Comments

'Watch Dogs' plays great... but it falls down in some places, making it the most frustrating game of the year.


‘Flappy Bird’ Is Going Away Forever In A Few Hours And It Is All Your Fault!

By | 34 Comments

You have less than 22 hours to download the immensely popular and highly difficult 'Flappy Bird' before it is removed by its creator, FOREVER!


9 Things We Got For Free As Kids That Grown Ass People Are Paying Good Money For Now

By | 12 Comments

You'll be shocked to find out that some adults out there are spending good money to try to turn back the clock in the silliest of ways.


‘Thief’ Has Its Quick-Time Events Stolen Away

By | 10 Comments

'Thief' won't have any quicktime events, thanks to Internet Rage.

adventure games

‘Obduction’ Tries To Bring Myst-Style Gaming To The Modern Era

By | 8 Comments

'Obduction' is a new adventure game from Cyan Worlds... and it looks pretty cool.


Telltale’s ‘The Walking Dead Season 2′: What We Know

By | 16 Comments

'The Walking Dead' returns with season two. Here's what we know about it!


‘Scribblenauts Unmasked’ Is A Comics Nerd’s Dream

By | 7 Comments

'Scribblenauts Unmasked' is not a great game, per se. But it's a game where you can summon Batman, and that's almost enough right there.


‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Plays Like A Whole New Game

By | 23 Comments

In addition to being a cultural event, 'Grand Theft Auto V' is a video game. And, it turns out, a damn good one.


How Should You Buy ‘Grand Theft Auto V’?

By | 41 Comments

'Grand Theft Auto V' arrives tomorrow. The question becomes whether or not you can actually get it. We break out the various methods.


Want To Play A Video Game About The Holocaust?

By | 10 Comments

'Imagination Is The Only Escape' is an adventure game about the Holocaust. Yes, really.


Diablo III On Consoles Is The Game You Always Wanted

By | 15 Comments

'Diablo III' has arrived on consoles. And it's a completely different game that even hardcore fans need to play.


Sony Just Won’t Let ‘The Last Guardian’ Go

By | 11 Comments

Even though finishing it seems years away, Sony is still insisting that they'll totally have 'The Last Guardian' out soon, you guys.

saint's row IV

Three Major Games Hit This Week. Which Should You Buy?

By | 12 Comments

August 20th is the first busy week of gaming in a while. We look at the three major titles arriving this week.


‘Dying Light’ Sprints Through Some New Gameplay Footage

By | 5 Comments

'Dying Light' shows off some new gameplay... but how does it look?


‘Rymdkapsel’ Is A Very Different Kind Of Tablet Game

By | 4 Comments

You've never played a game quite like 'Rymdkapsel', and it's a rare argument in favor of tablet gaming.


New ‘Watch Dogs’ Gameplay Shows How To Hack A City

By | 6 Comments

'Watch Dogs' rolls out some gameplay that gets hacking hilariously wrong, but will still probably be a lot of fun.


‘Payday 2′ Is Making Money And It Isn’t Even Out Yet

By | 10 Comments

'Payday 2' is raking in the cash, legally, before a single copy arrives to desktops or doorways.


‘PlayStation All-Stars Island’ Is Not A Joke. We Think.

By | 6 Comments

'PlayStation All Stars Island' crams hardcore game characters into a game that consists of everything hardcore gamers profess to loathe.


Why Microsoft’s Attempts To Clean Xbox Live Won’t Work

By | 14 Comments

Xbox Live is, in some quarters, a scum pit. Microsoft has the good taste to be embarrassed... but it's refusing to do what needs to be done.

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