GameStop’s New Credit Card Is Designed To Exploit Gamers

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GameStop will be introducing a credit card this year. And it's built, from the ground up, to rip off gamers.

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GameStop Plans To Make Preorders Even Worse

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GameStop wants to force you to preorder a game from them, whether you want to or not.

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GameStop: People Are Buying New Consoles… But Not Games

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GameStop had a good year... but it wasn't because they sold any games.

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Sony Files Patent Aimed At Killing Used Games

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In anticipation of the PlayStation 4, Sony has patented technology that would allow their systems to “associate individual game discs with matched user accounts,” according to CNet.

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GameStop Is Officially One Of The Worst Employers In America

By | 8 Comments

Hey, at least GameStop is only number ten. That's almost off the list!


Who Really Gives You The Best Value For Your Used Games?

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It's a tradition as old as gaming: you buy a game, play it until you've squeezed every moment of sweet enjoyment out of it, and then sell it to finance your next round of gaming.

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Is A Kick To The Nuts Better Than GameStop?


If you're a gamer, a developer, a publisher, or a console manufacturer, you hate GameStop.

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Getting Kicked in the Nuts > Dealing With GameStop

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Video game retailer has a personal vendetta against cheapskate stores ripping people off with high game costs/low return prices.

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Is GameStop Getting Rid of Its Used Game Section?


Is GameStop going to stop selling its wildly profitable used games in favor of, um, selling monkeys or something.

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GameStop Learns That Pre-Orders Don’t Mean Sales


GameStop is, as we all know, infamous for pushing and pushing and pushing preorders.


GameStop Is Sorry It Stole From You

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Hey, remember when GameStop saw that copies of "Deus Ex: Human Revolution" were coming with an OnLive coupon, and GameStop would not stand this aggression.

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Have a 1998 Pre-Order Receipt for Duke Nukem Forever?


Then Gearbox, the studio that's actually finishing the game and releasing it (we hope), wants to honor it.

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