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CCP Games Hires UFC Fighter Gunnar Nelson To Beat Up Its Employees

By | 3 Comments

CCP Games has an unusual idea of "employee motivation," which involves Gunnar Nelson beating the crap out of you.


SHOCKER: A Third Of All Games Downloaded On Steam Are Never Opened

By | 12 Comments

Ars Technica has done an in-depth study of Steam, and the results are simultaneously amusing and surprising.


Amazon Tellingly Insists Its Fire TV ‘Isn’t Trying’ To Be A Console

By | 3 Comments

Sure, Amazon's Fire TV plays games, has a controller, and they're developing games for it. But Amazon insists it's not actually a gaming device!


Amazon's Game Console Just Got A Lot More Interesting

By | 6 Comments

Amazon's game console isn't a console, but something a lot more interesting.

perpetual cycles

The History (And Future?) Of Virtual Reality Gaming

By | 9 Comments

Virtual reality was supposed to be everywhere by now. So why is it still struggling? A look back.


Microsoft Wants To Cram Xbox Live Onto Your Phone

By | 3 Comments

Xbox Live is currently limited to Microsoft products... something Microsoft would like to change.


Is ‘Thief’ An Elegant Heist Or A Smash-And-Grab?


'Thief' had a long time to come out... was it worth the wait?

bert and ernie

You Can Forget All About ‘Flappy Bird’ Because Sesame Street Has Created The Far Superior ‘Flappy Bert’

By | 2 Comments

Just as addictive and annoyingly impossible as the original, with the added benefit of Bert calling out for Ernie every time you misfire.

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Here’s How Micro-Transactions Are Destroying The Gaming Industry

By | 16 Comments

If you think the micro-transactions in so-called free-to-play games are often ridiculous killjoy experiments in behavioral economics, you're not alone.


The Big Lebowski (8-Bit Edition)


The Coen Brothers' classic gets retold in the style of an old school 8-bit video game.


The 3DS Sales Numbers Show Where The Real Power In Gaming Lies

By | 15 Comments

The 3DS is not a system many "hardcore" gamers think much about. But somebody cares about it. A lot.


Pulp Fiction (8-bit Edition)


Quentin Tarantino's 1994 classic gets retold in the style of an old school 8-bit video game.

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2014 In Gaming: Five Predictions

By | 29 Comments

2014 in gaming promises to be a wild ride. Here's a look at the trends... and a prediction as to which game will be the biggest bomb.


Finally, ‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ Gets Its Most Requested Villain

By | 13 Comments

Batman: Arkham City left a lot of plot threads dangling.


N64: The Music Video


A mesmerizing musical tribute to the hottest Christmas gift of 1996: Nintendo 64.


The Twenty Best Games Of 2013: Part 3

By | 24 Comments

The list continues with #10-#6 of Gamma Squad's best games of 2013.


You Can Now Download SteamOS, If You Dare

By | 8 Comments

SteamOS is officially in beta. So if you've got a high-end rig you want to completely wipe to help Valve figure out what's broken, it's your time!


Both Sony And Microsoft Claim Victory In The Latest Console War

By | 25 Comments

The latest round of the console war might be over before it starts... because both systems are doing the best they've ever done.


Elf (8-Bit Edition)


Modern holiday classic Elf gets retold in the style of an old school 8-bit video game.

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