Torii Hunter Repeatedly Called A Reporter A ‘Prick’ During His Reintroduction To Minnesota Media

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Torii Hunter Did Not Appreciate One Reporter's Line Of Questioning Regarding His Stance On Gay Marriage


Eric Stonestreet Warns Conan Why You Should Never Google ‘Eric Stonestreet Nude’

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Eric Stonestreet came across some pretty unfortunate photos of himself while googling his name and the word nude.


Man Wants Florida To Recognize His Marriage To His ‘Porn-Filled Apple Computer’

By | 64 Comments

A Nashville man filed a motion seeking Florida to recognize his marriage to a "porn-filled Apple computer."


‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin’s 2013 Defense Of Same Sex Marriage Is Intense

By | 40 Comments

WWE legend 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin's podcast rant about same sex marriage from last July is making the rounds again, because it's great.

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Same-Sex Marriage Is Now Legal In New Jersey

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Hey yous guys! Same-sex marriage is now legal in the state of New Jersey. Newark mayor Cory Booker married several couples shortly after midnight tonight.

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The 'New Yorker' Puts Bert & Ernie On Its Cover To Celebrate The Supreme Court's Gay Marriage Rulings

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This may be the closest we ever come to having Bert and Ernie come out, so let's embrace it.


Jeremy Irons thinks gay marriage will lead to guys marrying their sons to cheat on taxes

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With the gay marriage issue coming before the Supreme Court recently and becoming the subject of much debate across the US, it's only natural that we'd start to ask actors what they think.


Stephen Colbert Is Not Happy About Bill O’Reilly’s Reversal On Gay Marriage

By | 44 Comments

As we told you yesterday, Bill O'Reilly reversed his stance on gay marriage. Stephen Colbert is not happy about this.


The Muppets end Chick Fil-A partnership over their anti-gay stance

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I like to think of "anti-gay stance" as a humorous visual, but there's nothing funny about discrimination.


Someone Is Probably Getting Married At Your Comics Shop Tomorrow

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If you walk in to pick up your subs tomorrow and see streamers and punch, don't worry: your intervention is happening at work.


Manny Ramirez Quits The A's, Does These Drugs, Has Cancer Hair

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Manny Ramirez asked the Oakland Athletics to release him from his minor league contract on Friday, and they obliged.

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Jay-Z And Manny Pacquiao Hold Divergent Views On Gay Marriage

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<a href="">Sayeth Jay-Z</a>: "I've always thought it as something that was still holding the country back.


Manny Pacquiao Has A Problem With Obama's Stance On Same Sex Marriage

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Being a sports-minded guy, I found myself wondering how long it would be before a professional athlete had a problem with President Barack Obama’s recent declaration that he believes same sex couples should have the same rights as heterosexual couples when it comes to that whole getting married thing.


Jon Stewart Highlights Fox News' Amazing Evolution On Gay Marriage

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Jon Stewart pointed out something interesting last night on the Daily Show that others have noted as well: the lack of a full-blown freakout on Fox News over Obama's gay marriage announcement earlier in the week.


Shut Up, Bristol Palin (And Her Ghostwriter)

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"You know whose opinion on Obama's gay marriage stance I'd love to hear.


20 Dipsh*ts Who Think Obama's Support For Gay Marriage Means He's Secretly Gay

By | 27 Comments

For the most part, President Obama’s gay marriage announcement yesterday, <a href="">which you may have heard about</a>, was greeted with celebration, if not “ABOUT DAMN TIME.


Obama Comes Out In Support Of Gay Marriage, The Internet Rejoices


If there was one issue the internet has had with President Obama, it's been his stubborn refusal to speak out in favor of gay marriage.

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