Manny Pacquiao Has A Problem With Obama's Stance On Same Sex Marriage


Being a sports-minded guy, I found myself wondering how long it would be before a professional athlete had a problem with President Barack Obama’s recent declaration that he believes same sex couples should have the same rights as heterosexual couples when it comes to that whole getting married thing.


Jon Stewart Highlights Fox News' Amazing Evolution On Gay Marriage


Jon Stewart pointed out something interesting last night on the Daily Show that others have noted as well: the lack of a full-blown freakout on Fox News over Obama's gay marriage announcement earlier in the week.


Shut Up, Bristol Palin (And Her Ghostwriter)


"You know whose opinion on Obama's gay marriage stance I'd love to hear.


20 Dipsh*ts Who Think Obama's Support For Gay Marriage Means He's Secretly Gay


For the most part, President Obama’s gay marriage announcement yesterday, which you may have heard about, was greeted with celebration, if not “ABOUT DAMN TIME.


Obama Comes Out In Support Of Gay Marriage, The Internet Rejoices

If there was one issue the internet has had with President Obama, it's been his stubborn refusal to speak out in favor of gay marriage.

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Taiwanese Report: David Stern Is Gay, Can Beat NBA Players At One-On-One


Next Media Animation's latest video is easy their most accurate, succinctly explaining the NBA Lockout situation to foreign audiences and stoned people on the Internet by having commissioner David Stern (wearing a blazer with a big "STERN" on the back) avenge the death of a cubist man representing the Detroit Pistons franchise by breaking into Derek Fisher's house with a chainsaw, cutting in half a pizza Kobe had baked with LeBron James and scaring LeBron so badly he travels to China and loses at basketball and is emasculated by a communist panda.

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Clint Eastwood Speaks Out On Gay Marriage

The internet loves Clint Eastwood, as evidenced by the Gran Torino/PBR meme, which is just golden.


Lesbians Marry and Then Get Beaten In "Secret Six". Um, Yay?

I'm a big fan of Gail Simone, have been ever since Marvel hired her for "Deadpool" and "Agent X" and then ruined them both by letting an editor curbstomp her work.


Morning Links: Things to Read About Elsewhere

That's not a guy in a spandex bodysuit, it's a robot.

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The Best Celebrity Twitter Reactions To New York’s Gay Marriage Bill


If you hadn't heard from, well, everywhere, the New York State Senate passed the Marriage Equality bill in a vote of 33 to 29.


Anarchy in the You Gay


Former New York Giants receiver David Tyree once helped win a Super Bowl by pressing a football into his head as he fell down.


Have Airlines Got Their Act Together?

Chances are if you flew on an American airline in October you were a pretty pleasant frequent flyer, because the month marked a huge milestone in modern air travel - not a single flight experienced a long delay on the tarmac.


2.28 The Cooler


Sasha Nikita 5 Reasons Why Pot Will Be Legalized Before Gay Marriage [Coed] Someone Is Mad At Rihanna [Necole Bitchie] The 7 Types of Internet Lists [College Humor] What Your Car Really Says About You [Holy Taco] Women Really Like To Be Kissed On The [...].


Cuatro Questions…


I don't have all the answers, even on mornings when I wake up fresh from a @ Holiday Inn.

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