Aliens: Colonial Marines

Sega Really Hates Gearbox’s CEO, According To Lawsuit Leak

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The saga of Sega v. Gearbox as they fight over 'Aliens: Colonial Marines' just got even more amusing.

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‘Battleborn’ Is The Crazy, Colorful New Game From The Makers Of ‘Borderlands’

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Gearbox is getting into the 'League of Legends' game with 'Battleborn'.

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Duke Nukem Is Apparently A Cursed Franchise

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Duke Nukem finally put out his bad game... but his troubles aren't over yet.

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There Are Plenty Of ‘Borderlands’ Games Coming, Just Not ‘Borderlands 3′

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'Borderlands 3' is not in development... although other Borderlands games are coming.


'Aliens: Colonial Marines' In Three Points: Nasty, Brutish, And Short

By | 23 Comments

'Aliens: Colonial Marines' exists to fulfill a contract and meet a legal obligation, and the quality suffers as a result.

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