Lego Has Added ‘Jurassic World’ And ‘Avengers’ To Its Stellar Video Game Lineup

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Lego will be dropping Jurassic World and Avengers games next year. Yes, everything IS awesome!

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These Two News Anchors Have One Of The Geekiest Commercial Break Handshakes You’ve Ever Seen

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Robert Jordan and Jackie Bange's elaborate handshake lasts about four full minutes!

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Greetings Comic-Con! Here Are 35 TV Series Available On Netflix For Your Geek-Loving Hearts

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If you can't attend Comic-Con this weekend, don't worry! There's still plenty of geek-friendly television available on Netflix.


Epic Rap Battle: Nerd vs. Geek


Finally, a rap battle to decide social outcast supremacy once and for all.


Iconic Face Of Internet Geekdom Resurfaces?


I've absolutely no idea idea if the guy on the bottom is actually the present, aged version of the guy in what's perhaps the one photo most synonymous with internet/computer geekdom, but a lot of people seem convinced that it is.

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RIP Wikipedia?


One of the ways that the internet has indisputably changed modern life is through the ability to obtain information quickly and easily, and perhaps no web entity has done more to enhance that than Wikipedia.


Katrina Bowden Is Such A Nerd

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Katrina Bowden (who plays the simple-minded Cerie on 30 Rock) made a sketch video with College Humor in which she reacts to her date's insistence that he's a nerd by whipping out her own humungous nerd cred and smacking it against his cheek angrily.


Being A Geek Now Officially Cool


In a recent telephone survey of one thousand American adults, 57% said being called a geek is a compliment, and 65% said everyone is a geek about something.


Reading Material For The Geek In Your Life

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Looking for gift ideas for a geek you know.

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