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10 Jokes From ‘Blazing Saddles’ That Would Never Make The Cut In 2014

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On the 40th anniversary of the release of 'Blazing Saddles,' we wonder if such jokes could ever be pulled off in the current Internet era.


A Frightful Collection Of Halloween-Themed Mashups

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Featured mashup videos of the week, including 'Willy Wonka' as a horror movie, Mike Myers as Michael Myers, 'The Exorcist' as an '80s sitcom, and Dexter Morgan's Laboratory.

Willy Wonka

Classic Letter: Gene Wilder has some notes about Willy Wonka's costume

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The always-great Letters of Note today has an old letter from Gene Wilder (who's 79 now) to Willy Wonka & the Chocolate factory director Mel Stuart (ironic that Mel Gibson shares a name with so many classic Jewish filmmakers, isn't it.

Willy Wonka


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It seems someone out there had the idea to record the trip down Willy Wonka's tunnel from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory in reverse, and surprisingly, IT'S THE MOST TERRIFYING GD THING EVER.

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