russell brand

Watch Russell Brand Call A Reporter ‘A Snide’ Following An Uncomfortable Conversation About Rent

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The comedian argued his status was not a relevant topic of discussion. Unfortunately, he didn't apologize for 'Get Him to the Greek.'


Juggalos Are Threatening A Portland Business With ‘Straight Up Vulgar’ Flyers

By | 62 Comments

A few unlucky Portland business have apparently run afoul of the fam-uh-lee.

spike lee

Vandals Spray Painted ‘Do The Right Thing’ On Spike Lee’s Old House In Brooklyn

By | 15 Comments

Spike Lee's childhood neighbor's house vandalized just days after his anti-gentrification rant.

spike lee

Spike Lee Profited From Gentrification Before He Was Against It

By | 83 Comments

Hot on the heels of Spike Lee's rant about gentrification, a report surfaces showing how much he has profited from it.

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4.19 The Cooler

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