‘Tomorrowland’ Teases Its Super Bowl Trailer With Jet Packs And George Clooney


Disney will be debuting a new 30-second trailer for Tomorrowland during the Super Bowl, but here is Disney's teaser for the trailer.

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Bill Murray Nearly ‘Pulled A Kanye’ On George Clooney During The Golden Globes

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The world was deprived of Bill Murray making the Golden Globes interesting.

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Here’s The Full List Of Presenters For The 2015 Golden Globes

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Lupita Nyong'o, Chris Pratt and Benedict Cumberbatch among the pretty people who will give awards to other pretty people at the 2015 Golden Globes.


Why A Music Festival Might Mean A Title Change For Disney’s ‘Tomorrowland’

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Disney's 'Tomorrowland' will have to be called something different in other countries.


Which Famous Couple Tops Vivid’s Celebrity Sex Tape Christmas Wish List?

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Say what you want about Vivid Entertainment and the porn company's love of "leaked" celebrity sex tapes, but at least founder Steven Hirsch likes to give famous people a heads up.


And Now, The Worst Movies Of 2014

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This year didn't seem to have as many bad movies as 2013, but there were still some monumental stinkers to celebrate.

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George Clooney Appears In This Teaser For The ‘Downton Abbey’ Christmas Special

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George Clooney will be appearing in a 'Downton Abbey' themed holiday charity special, and here's the first teaser.


Christian Bale Says Celebrities Like George Clooney Should ‘Just Shut Up’ About The Tabloids

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In a new interview, Christian Bale says that celebs like George Clooney are 'boring' when they whine about the paparazzi.

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Watch This Glorious Clip Of A Young, Mulleted George Clooney On ‘Merv Griffin’ In 1985

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George Clooney discusses how he was discovered by ABC's head of casting in this clip from 1985.


Prokhorov Isn’t Selling Team, Or Getting Married But Will Get Even With Kidd


Mercurial Nets owner and Russian oligarch Mikhail Prohorov made a rare media appearance at Brooklyn's 116-85 smackdown of an injury-riddled Thunder team last night.


George Clooney Crashed NYCC With The First Trailer For ‘Tomorrowland’, Slammed ‘Batman And Robin’

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George Clooney said funny things in a surprise visit to New York Comic-Con, and here's the first trailer for his sci-fi 'Tomorrowland'.


‘Tomorrowland’ Is Basically Harry Potter, But FOR SCIENCE!


The setting of 'Tomorrowland' is a magical place that only really good scientists can get into. So, MIT, basically.


The A To Z Guide To The Celebrity Voices Selling Us Every Product On Earth

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You may not always recognize them, but plenty of our favorite celebrities' voices are pushing products from cars to insurance.

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George Clooney Had Strict Rules For Guests To Ensure Privacy At His Wedding

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George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin took great lengths to make sure TMZ didn't get their filthy hands on any of their wedding photos.

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Sorry Ladies, George Clooney Is Officially Off The Market

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The actor married Amal Alamuddin in Venice, Italy over the weekend.

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Everybody Look At This Picture Of George Clooney From The 1990 Cop Series ‘Sunset Beat’

By | 8 Comments

George Clooney played a cop named Chic Chesbro who went undercover as a rock star in the 1990 ABC series "Sunset Beat." This picture from the show is incredible.

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From Clooney To Korn: The Complete Collection Of ‘South Park’ Guest Stars

By | 10 Comments

Matt Stone and Trey Parker provide most of the voices on "South Park," but a few guest stars have dropped by over the years.

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