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George R.R. Martin Wanted His ‘Beauty And The Beast’ TV Series To Be Dark As Hell

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George R.R. Martin wishes CBS would have let him have the Beast murder people in the 1987 series. I'm sure you're all shocked.


George R. R. Martin Has Now Weighed In On That Disturbing ‘Game Of Thrones’ Sex Scene

By | 24 Comments

The most interesting opinion belongs to the creator of all things Westeros.

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George R.R. Martin Explains Why The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Purple Wedding Happened The Way It Did

By | 54 Comments

George R.R. Martin spoke to Entertainment Weekly about the death of you know who and his apparent distaste for weddings of any sort.

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George R.R. Martin Promises He’s Working On ‘Winds Of Winter,’ Posts An Excerpt

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George R.R. Martin demonstrates his commitment to finishing 'A Song of Ice and Fire' with a new excerpt from the next installment, 'Winds of Winter.'


The 'Game Of Thrones' Cast Poses With Miniature Versions Of Themselves Again

By | 22 Comments

HBO's official Instagram account for 'Game Of Thrones' once again asked the actors to pose with some of the Funko Pop toys relevant to their character.

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Two Special Guests Joined George R.R. Martin At His Public ‘Game Of Thrones’ Screening

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A bunch of lucky fans got to watch "Game of Thrones" with George R.R. Martin and two very special guests.

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If George R.R. Martin Were Santa Claus, Christmas Would Be The Most Terrifying, Traumatic Day Of The Year

By | 6 Comments

The mad geniuses over at Dorkly envision an alternate universe where George R.R. Martin is Santa Claus, and it is TERRIFYING.

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George R.R. Martin Reveals How He Plans To Finish ‘A Song Of Ice And Fire’

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George R.R. Martin is writing HOW MANY PAGES? No wonder he hasn't finished.

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George R.R. Martin Has Seen The 'Game Of Thrones' Porn Parody ('Games Of Bones') And He Is Not Impressed

By | 15 Comments

Good luck getting the image of George R.R. Martin watching porn out of your heads, kids. Good luck.


George R.R. Martin Threatens To Create A Bigger Monster Than Walter White In Westeros

By | 55 Comments

George R.R. Martin praises the most recent episode of 'Breaking Bad,' but vows to create a 'Game of Thrones' character nastier than Heisenberg.


Damon Lindelof Discusses How Bummed He Was That George R.R. Martin Crapped On The ‘Lost’ Ending

By | 118 Comments

Damon Lindelof is still smarting about the time George R.R. Martin said the ending of 'Lost' was like leaving a turd on a doorstep.

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HBO To George R.R. Martin: ‘Get Busy Writing, Or Get Busy … Oh Please Don’t Die!’

By | 47 Comments

George R.R. Martin should be allowed to attend only one event for every chapter he writes from here on out.

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George R.R. Martin Smashed A Guitar During Comic-Con In Front Of Neil Gaiman

By | 4 Comments

The amazing "Game of Thrones" author George R.R. Martin went HAM on a guitar in San Diego near Neil Gaiman.

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